Official L.A Noire Boxart Plus Exclusive Pre Order Bonuses Reveal Tommorow

Introducing the official cover art for our upcoming thriller L.A. Noire, featuring Detective Cole Phelps against the backdrop of a crime-plagued 1947 Los Angeles.

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showtimefolks2616d ago

but here are a few things i want to know before i buy:

as of right now everyone has said look at facial animations that's not gonna be gameplay well i know its connected but i would like to see more maybe a demo

also how long is this game and what kind of replay value?

a lot of games i am getting this year are 15-20hrs single player so hopefully since RS are helping team bondi this will be like a GTA style long game

i have high hopes for this one

Chupa-Chupa2616d ago

nice! Can't wait for this game.