L.A. Noire Official Cover Art Revealed Plus Look for Details on Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus.

Introducing the official cover art for our upcoming thriller L.A. Noire, featuring Detective Cole Phelps against the backdrop of a crime-plagued 1947 Los Angeles.

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InfiniteJustice2766d ago

Watched the gameplay trailer for LA Noire for the first time just the other day. Wish I had done sooner, it looks fantastic

DragonWarrior2766d ago

@infinite justice. link please?

Reborn2766d ago


I believe thats it.

It looks brilliant. For me, its day one.

InfiniteJustice2766d ago

Thank you, that's the one.

Crazyglues2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Wow I really like this cover -Looks Awesome- before, to me anyway, it seemed a little plain before, but this little touch of color with the picture in the back makes it look more dramatic.. I like it..

As far as The game, its looking stunning, it will be interesting to see if Rockstar does it again, with all the huge success from Red Dead -can they really do it again-

I don't know, but it sure does look good...


Neckbear2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Oh look, it's just another Red/Orange and Blue contrast in the cover.

Guess it's time to add it to the list:

...Or perhaps I'm just trying too hard. Ah, well.


Dude, didn't mean it in a bad way. It's just the kind of thing you get on your mind after browsing TVTropes for a good, good while.


Actually, some of them are Orange, and some even get close to being red. In this case, it's dark blue and red.

There's a reason for this, though, and it's the contrasting colors that are visually appealing. It also fits L.A. Noire since, well, they're the goddamn police car lights.

About the game, well, I DO like the concept, but who knows if it'll end up being an actual detective game instead of GTAIV in the 40s.

Eternus2766d ago

Most of the ones you linked are yellow and blue, not red and blue ;)

OT: Looks awesome, cannot wait for this game.

PhantomT14122766d ago

Well, blue and orange/red are diametrically opposed on the color wheel. That's why it is often used as contrasted colors.

Surfaced2766d ago

The blue/orange (or red) thing was what I noticed first.

They had something great with the original wallpaper we received a few weeks ago. Why did they have to make it busier with some random woman on the left and a crime scene on the right?

Sometimes I don't know who to hate. The marketing people who assume this stuff won't sell unless the cover is full of floating heads? Or the general public who don't see anything wrong with this and keep buying it?

I'm praying there's a limited edition without this garbage cover. Please, please, please.

Eternus2766d ago

Oh no, the box art, now the entire game is ruined. Please cover it up? It's a cover lol. Get over it.

Eternus2766d ago

@Surfaced. So what you're saying is the public should refuse to buy something BASED ON THE COVER. That's absurd. Ever heard the saying don't judge a book by its cover?

Surfaced2766d ago

"don't judge a book by its cover"

Ironically that's EXACTLY what they're encouraging consumers to do.

take heavy rain for example.

American sees game with original European cover:
"lol what is this stupid shit? Some gay origami figure in the fuckin rain lolol what a piece of kiddy crap, where's my space marines"

American sees game with edited American cover:
"holy shit this is epic. So epic. Look at that girl's huge tits! Look at that guy with the gun! Oh and that other guy who looks mysterious and shady! OMG EPIC EPIC EPIC!!11"

I'm complaining because it's both insulting to us and the entire medium. I want to see us move beyond the shadows of hollywood blockbuster films. Games can be so much more if you just let them. We can start with how we advertise them and present them.

Maybe I'm "OCD" but I enjoy collecting games and I prefer that they are presentable and dignified. Don't share my sentiments? Then move on.

TheLastGuardian20102766d ago

Ahhh screw you Neckbear^

Awesome cover is awesome. Nuff said.

Syaz12766d ago

would be nicer if they took that cover and made it black and white.

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