Killzone 4 a possibility- Sony India Boss

GB: "Killzone 3 has just been released, and it seems Sony is not at all done with the Killzone franchise. In the recent Killzone 3 launch event in India, we got a chance to grab Mr Atindriya Bose, Sony Computer Entertainment India boss, and ask him a few questions."

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Abash2766d ago

Save Killzone 4 for the PS4, Sony

Dark_Charizard2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

What is india?

@Below: Oh yeah! Dhalsim of street fighter is from that place... hmmm... Yoga Fire! I bet they're still selling Famiclones like Dendy there.. hehehe..

gameseveryday2766d ago


India is one of the fastest growing video game markets in the world. Except to hear more of India in the next couple of years.

And FYI India is a country...doh!

cyborg2766d ago

and it has a strong PS3 presence.

And about Killzone 4. Cmon, that's like saying there won't be another Harry Potter movie or James Bond film. It's already in development, I'm sure.

Milk milk and milk away

Shubhankar2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Lol, your GK sucks, kid. Go study.

Strange_Evil2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

India is PS3 land ATM... PS3 has a strong dominance here compared to the 360 or the Wii. We actually had a Killzone 3 midnight launch here!!! And yes I did go there and to my surprise there were 20 other people... Here chk it out...

The prices of games are actually cheaper than US if you do the conversions... So it's a little bit insulting to write us off.. Ya we aren't as big as Europe or US but at least we don't get shafted with ridiculous prices like the Aussies or Canadiens (at least from what I've heard).

EDIT below: Not here where I live mate... It's even difficult to find multi-plat 360 copies for a few games, but PS3 games can be found on day 1.... Also PS3 has a much better support in terms of warranty and game launches... Break a 360 here and you gotta ship it to Australia to fix it... That is how bad 360 support is over here. It's safe to say PS3 rules the roost here.

Shubhankar2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


Lol, it's NOT the dominant console. It IS A dominant console. The 360 commands just as much dominance.

Well, I broke my 360 twice, Got it back in a week. And where I live, both the systems have an equal marketshare.

joydestroy2766d ago

i don't think anything is being milked in this franchise. they've only put out 3 titles, of which only about 2 of them have been widely accepted. i personally never played the first KZ and this can be said about a lot of gamers that have played the latest 2. so, considering that, they aren't milking it just yet. maybe if we get to KZ6 or something and they just start rehashing it like CoD

PS3Freak2766d ago

@ Dark Charizard

I bet you aren't even holographic...

Shadow Flare2766d ago

"what is india?"


That's almost as bad as when justin beiber didn't know what a german was

NateCole2766d ago

One of the oldest surviving civilization known to man.

What are they teaching to you kids these days in school?.

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DragonWarrior2766d ago

Indeed. Killzone 3 is finally established as the Halo Killer. Maybe not in sales, but this is a beast of a game. I can see it now. Killzone 4 ps4 launch title! Along with all the other greats of course.

Shubhankar2766d ago

Halo killer? No. Killzone games have great quality, but they're still playing catch up with Halo.

2766d ago
DragonWarrior2766d ago

Turbine, that made no freakin sense. Also, your argument is sales/hype? Please, I dont care if a game is hyped or not. See to me its not about marketing, its not about xbox live, its about the games. Your fanboy logic is misguided and delusional. Im sorry, but you sir are wrong on so many levels.

KRATOS-PS32766d ago

Sorry Halo Fans, but Killzone 3 is better than Halo in so many ways. Really, do you guys honestly think that this Halo-Jumping-Shooting is better than KZ3? The plastically look of the weapons in KZ3 alone smokes Halo.

Shubhankar2766d ago


That's not true. There was pretty much a lot of hype and commercials for KZ3. And Killzone 3 released yesterday, btw.
And a game's quality is not judged by how commercial it is or how well it sells.

Shubhankar2766d ago


Killzone 3 is an awesome game, no doubt, but I think the scores very well show that it is NOT as good as Halo, let alone better. It's a great game, but please don't undermine the greatness of other games. :)

awiseman2766d ago

Killzone cannot match up to Halo sorry to burst your bubble. KZ beats Halo in graphics, but nothing else.

DantheMan812766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Can you please explain how killzone is a halo killer? Halo has alot more features in multiplayer. It has match making for four player co op. It also has firefight mode, not to metion that it sold a shitload of copies. How the hell can killzone be a halo killer? Maybe if you took off your fanboy goggles you would know how stupid you sound

Firstkn1ghT2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Killzone 3 is averaging low 8's and it's a halo killer? LOL! Killzone is a small franchise compared to Halo.

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mightyboot2766d ago

Well KZ3 ends up with a cliffhanger...

NickN4G2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Curryzone 4 a possibility? Oh sorry I read that wrong it says Killzone.


Mmmkay2766d ago

hay halo 14 is out. and 15 next week. enjoy.

Kon2766d ago

Worst attempt of trolling ever.

hamburger1232766d ago

GG is busy with other games right now...

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