A short history of the Helghast

With the launch of Killzone 3 today many gamers are probably wondering; who are the Helghast and where do they come from. 8bitbot's in-house historian and geeky pathologist have been set loose to discover just what their history actually is.

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ugabugaz2730d ago

If you want a much more detailed look into the world of Killzone, go here..

SuperbVillain2730d ago

No idea that still existed.Bubbled 4 u

flappersack2730d ago

Hold on, this doesn't make sense. I read somewhere that the Helghast have evolved to be able to breathe without the masks anymore, but wear them as a symbol of their roots or what not. Which boggles me as to how when the ISA have been on Helghan for awhile now, don't struggle to breathe. Or at least mention it in KZ2, (have only just started 3)

pixelsword2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

It was mentioned in the news report in the beginning cutscene in Killzone 2 in some small section at the bottom of the screen after or during Viscari's speech.

The air isn't a struggle to breathe, it causes mutations and 'lung burn'; and lung burn took over 30 years to have a fatal effect in some people, so the effects of the atmosphere takes longer to effect people than others. Those who worked outdoors suffered more so than those who worked indoors, so it may even be the effects of radiation or the ecosystem. Given the fact that they seem to have been on Helgan for only a matter of months, they may have a fatal dose of whatever causes lung-burn, but the initial symptoms may not be visible as of yet.

The results for the Helgans was baldness, death, and mutations for the initial settlers. The Helgan's descendants were larger than the average human (including a few huge specimens), plus being strong even into old age (which explains Radec's strength over Templar's even though Templar looked 20 years younger than Radec, plus Helgans were no longer able to breathe the air on Vekta and I assume Earth. Metrac was a mutant amongst mutants in that although he no longer was human by genetic standards, he looked like one and could breathe the air on Vekta and Helgan. Hakka was half-human, and since he settled on Earth, it appears that his mixed lineage affords him the ability to do the same as Metrac.

On the snow level, appeared that some of the soldiers were affected with something (violet tinge of the skin) but I don't even know if... well, I don't want to put spoilers out.

pixelsword2730d ago

Oh, yeah; the Helgans also have bad vision compared to humans.

tigertron2729d ago

Basically, the ISA troops had their ships to go back to which had a normal atmosphere, and like Pixel said, it would take a while for the effects of the Helghan atmosphere to have an affect.

bunfighterii2729d ago

I prefer the Helghans to the ISA- wish KZ4 you get to be them. This KZ2 and 3 make me want to burn Rico alive.

SuperbVillain2729d ago

I really hope they kill Rico and send in Samuel L Jackson in his place....epic...

flappersack2729d ago

I'd love that. As much as I love KZ, it is very hard to care about characters you hate.

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