Gears of War 3 Campaign Information

The latest detailed information on the layout of the champaign story, including Acts and Chapters.

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Blaze9292769d ago

either that duplicate story system is not working or people just love submitting the same stuff over and over again...

Active Reload2769d ago

Yeah. If people didn't know, I'm hearing the campaign is 15 hours on easy. I'll be looking for that quote in the mean time...

-MD-2769d ago

15 hours on easy? That's a huge step up from the previous Gears games.

1 and 2 were both like 10-12 hours in length if memory serves me.

NYC_Gamer2769d ago

i'll beat it on hardcore like did with the past titles

Munky2769d ago

@ M_D

Both 1-2 were 10-12 on Hardcore, on easy... im pretty sure it can be done in 6.

NickN4G2769d ago

The only 360 game I care about. If it wasn't for you Gears of war 3 I would have sold my 360 a long time ago.

awiseman2769d ago

Halo: Reach says hi as well as Kingdoms

IRetrouk2769d ago

you know not everyone likes halo, and kingdoms hasnt been revealed has it? i got rid of my xbox a few days ago, will be buying new slim for gears and forza 4, thats it, diffrent games for diffrent people.

IRetrouk2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

i like how two idiots have hit that disagree button, shows how fanboyish some people are over a console, at the moment the xbox has nothing that i want that i cant get on my ps3, its as simple as that, i really like the new console model and plan on buying one when gears or forza comes out, which ever is first, and if push comes to shove i can use my sons. but the simple fact is i dont need that xbox at the min due to there being no exclusives for what? 6 months. go on about kinect, and halo, but to be honest im not interested in those things, check my gamercard and you will see i have tried every halo released for the 360, and not only that but i have played every major game on the xbox and then some, i had some fantastic times with the xbox and the live network is unrivaled but the games just arnt coming that make me want an xbox like before, sony really have outdone themselfs this gen and continue to push boundries, thats why i got rid of the box, no fanboyism just a gamer .

gypsygib2769d ago

I hope Cliffy keeps his 10 year old maturity level away from it this time. The guy can make great gameplay but keep him away from the story, for some reason, ever since Gears 2 he has been stuck in 10 year old mode.

Convas2769d ago

Can't WAIT! Getting my 360 Slim next week, going to be abso-freaking-lutely EPIC!

Raven_Nomad2769d ago

I like most true Gears and Microsoft fans was thrilled when Gears 3 was delayed. So much effort is going into this game, from the characters, lusher colors and environments, 4 player online campaign, Dedicated servers, long campaign mode. Truly amazing games need around at least a 3 year cycle, all games that utilize this turn out better IMHO.

The one year and two year cycles don't change or improve enough, slight tweaks to an engine and then the companies throw some buzz words at the people and they all freak out like they've added so much to the game! Much like Blast Processing on the Sega Genesis, it was just a buzz word, but I remember as a kid saying I had to have one because it was so much better then the SNES because of the "Blast Processing".

Gears 3 will be epic, not just a pun. But I'll be playing it from it's midnight release for years to come, just like I did with Gears 1 and 2.