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Ever since Dragon Age II was announced, many fans have been worried about the direction that the series would head into. Many feared that like with the transition from Mass effect 1 to 2, everything that they knew about the original game would be scrapped to appease the casual crowd. After having played the demo with all three character classes, I can assure everyone that Dragon Age is as you remember it…but better. Hit the jump to find out more.

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jeseth2764d ago

After playing the demo I am very excited. The console version is much improved from Origins. Battle is much smoother amd more responsive.

I also like how they made a branch style upgrade system and skills/spells.

I think some of the characters look a bit to modern though. Both the male and female Hawke look like they just got out of a Paul Mitchell salon!

Overall the game is great and the demo was LONG! Almost 2 hours if you explore everything. Can't wait.