Games Are Evil: Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles Review

The Naruto franchise has good games; it may be hard to fathom, but there are a few (with a stress on the word few) great games based on the popular Shonen Jump series. Naruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles is not one of them

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bgrundman2585d ago

What the heck is this game?

angstygaijin2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Japan's substitute for a Clash of Ninja release last year. What a shame it turned out so poorly. There's potential for a Naruto action/adventure game (as shown by some others in the franchise) but apparently this one didn't turn out so well.

That score hurts. "Believe it!" >_____<

Seijoru2585d ago

Actually its the substitute the ultimate ninja series. Naruto Accel 2 was the best naruto fighting game.

Stealth20k2585d ago

atlus usa is such a piece of crap for publishing this

CrescentFang2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Well Tomy is a subsidiary of Index and you know of the Atlus + Index merger?
I would highly assume Index just made either Atlus publish it under their name or that Atlus USA had to do the whole localization work :(

kube002584d ago

I"ll pass on it for now