"Dear Gears" - A Story of Love, Losses and Chainsaw Bayonets

A GoGamingGiant writer explores his history with the Gears of War series from the initial announcement of the first game to the anticipation surrounding the third title.

Read the article for one fan's take on what the series has become.

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Murgatroyd72703d ago

You're not alone. I'm not concerned about Versus multiplayer (mostly because I don't care), but I share a lot of your concerns. I really hope they've been focusing on the right things with this sequel.

Active Reload2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Gears was my reason to buy the 360. I always wanted one before they even shipped, but I was too busy with school. I was going to buy a 360 one day and came across the upcoming exclusive-Gears of War. I thought I was going to buy that game along with the 360 and was pissed to learn the game wouldn't come out for almost another year, so I waited. Gears of War surpassed any expectations I had and left a strong impression on me. There just wasn't any game out at that time that looked any where close as good as Gears did. Seems like yesterday I first seen Gears, damn that was like 6 years ago, time has definitely flown by =)

RaymondM2703d ago

while gears certainly wasn't a reason i bought my xbox (Ghost Recon and Alan wake were haha) I love this series! My buddies and I have had LAN parties, even thought online is so much easier, but the fact is that playing in person will always be aces for me. Also, its fun to see the look on your opponents faces when you chainsaw them!