System Exclusives: Revisited

Beyond The D-Pad writes "I wrote not too long ago on how I saw the future of system exclusives slowly fading away. Since that article we have seen a few trends like the announcement of Insomniac Games going multiplatform and the more recent announcement that Valve is now developing for the PlayStation 3 that heavily supports my thoughts that system exclusives are becoming a thing of the past.

Instead what we are seeing take the place of system exclusives is..."

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kreate2728d ago

ok... basically the article saids there are less exclusives today due to examples like mass effect,
portal 2, insomniac going multiplatform.etc.
future is less exclusives.

nothing really new here if u dont want to waste ur time.
otherwise u can click it.

humbleopinion2728d ago

The article indeed doesn't contribute anything new.
There are less exclusive nowadays because of middleware game engines capable of running on multiple platforms with ease: be it the publicly available Unreal engine or the Capcom owned MT framework engine, third party publishers and independent are able to port their games to multiple platform much easier then it used to be in the last generation, and the additional costs are negligible.
Why would a third party publisher miss out on the ~50M Xbox 360 potential buyers or on the ~50M PS3 potential buyers? It's a huge market!

Zvolen2728d ago

I didn't even mention game engines and how the contributes to the ease of porting a game but its a good point. However I don't think that is or was a huge factor.

Also as far as a publisher missing out on that market, I don't think they have a choice anymore in this market.

Masterchef20072728d ago

The article doesnt teach us anything new. Just states there are fewer exclusives today then before.

strickers2728d ago

Difference now is that Sony and Ninty build lots of games,unlike MS.

Zvolen2728d ago

Appreciate the feedback guys however the intent of the article was strictly to point out that there are less exclusives than before. That may depend on how seriously the console makers put an emphasis on first party developers.

Instead I wanted to point out what these developers appear to be doing instead of making exclusives.