Romero's Ravenwood Fair Accumulates 10 Million Users

Ravenwood Fair is a woodland sim, designed by the gaming industry legend John Romero, id Software co-founder. It is a Facebook application, launched in October last year, that has accumulated a staggering number of 10 million users.

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Cajun Chicken2699d ago

I hate the fact that industry leaders are accepting so called games like this to be the future and it's happening a lot. This no longer seems to be passion to make something but the fuel to just make money out of people which are willing to do nothing constructive nor challenging with their spare time.

Bullshido2699d ago

I can agree with you but the fact these games are casual (for non-gamers games, and there are alot of people that play this game dont have interested to play lets say Quake or other games like that.
The fact is market exists (facebook and other social media websites) and in future I think there will be significant growth.