Frustrated Fanboy Rages And Shreds Killzone 3 Disc

Ironstar-"Killzone 3 has finally released to a huge crowd of critical acclaim and praise from consumers. Just when people thought there was little Killzone 3 could do to surpass it's predecessor, the folks at Guerilla Games pull out all the tricks to do just that. But with all praise, comes a batch of detractors to speak negatively about what everyone else seems to be enjoying. Sadly, our very own Javan happens to be the one being ridiculously irrational this time around."

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Philoctetes2771d ago

At least he's still got The Art of Mackin' to keep him entertained.

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egidem2771d ago

Oh god, 40+ GB worth of enjoyment of content, right down the gutter. Why are people so retarded? If you hate the game, take it back, trade it in for something else, or just sell it...

Or give me the copy...I have yet to buy one up so a free copy would be appreciated.


"Why are people so retarded?"

Spoiled kids that don't think of the money that parents spend on their toys, breaking such toys is a common problem.

Anyone that had to work to get money for a game would, in the worst case, trade it in.

jadenkorri2771d ago

website just wants hits, if you watch at 1:38, no reflection of the game, seems to be a clear plastic reflection. Should of at least had some of the design reflected back.

egidem2771d ago

Yes I recently also took notice of this. The crazy dude didn't shred the Killzone 3 disc. I think he exchanged the discs when he pointed his face towards the camera.

Kurt Russell2770d ago

If I want to shred my personal belongings, I'll shred them thanks. It's not retardation, retardation is defined by those who give a shit when it clearly doesn't effect them.

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Krypto2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I call BS!!! He changed the disk when he shows the shredder and then only shreds it with the the bottom of the disk facing the cam. Everything about the video is garbage!! I can't wait to come home and go online again tonite...peace

CaptainMarvelQ82771d ago

Why didn't he die then?
i thought the disc would hit some light and then the light would hit the shredder and the shredder would rip his hands off and then he has to take blood and the doctors give him the wrong blood type and..he dies

it's like the perfect sequel to Final Destination

TheLastGuardian2771d ago

What a dumbass. He could have at least sold it.

I'm watching the video in a library with no sound. What was his reason for shredding the disk?

NiKK_4192771d ago

he's mentally challenged and can't figure out how to play the game

CoLD FiRE2771d ago

I'm 100% certain this is fake and he used a blank CD. It's obvious although the video quality was bad.

theEnemy2771d ago

he didn't shred the KZ3 disc.

he switched it when he moved the camera to his face.

Snack_Raccoon2770d ago


I'll be the only person who replies to you who actually answers your question, the reason was:

"I don't like all this 'The Helgast will rise again' stuff."


"The hit detection is worse than Black Ops"

Pretty good reasons to destroy the game right there /s

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xAlmostPro2771d ago

hit detection is worse than black ops? what a pile of BS lmao..

plus he didn't even shred the actual disc

iPad2771d ago

its fake. Thats JavansGameShow.

hes funny

zeddy2771d ago

theres a patch coming on day one which fixes some issues, should have waited or atleast traded it in fo something esle.

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Maddens Raiders2771d ago

a degenerate from "" has spoken & levied the truth. /s


damn...N4G I miss the bluray/hddvd & 'ol fashioned console least we knew how to do it..
- this new crop of submissions & journos are chocked full of weaksauce kids & grown men bent on histrionics, "who cares" articles & "123abc" websites. Pathetic.

evilunklebud2771d ago

What a dumb*ss..... a child.

chriski3332771d ago

holy crap i wanna meet this stupid ass retard and slap him hes just mad cause its not like black OPS dude get a life

Christopher2771d ago

$60 for attention? Seems like a waste of money to me.

cb4g2771d ago

Anyone else notice that he owns the book, "The Art of Mackin'".

Classic literature.

Tapewurm2771d ago

This is fake people .....guy made a very good copy of the label and put it on a dvd....notice the black out when he takes the disc out.....fake and stupid.

AyeGee2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Right? And this is coming from Ironstar Movement.. they love PS3 lol, you would think they'd praise this game.

EDIT: fakesawce. Javan always fucks around like this lol.. this is no surprise.

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Balt 2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Sounds like a lovely way to spend your day -- Maybe you should stop buying games for awhile and pay your damn gas bill. Maybe then you wouldn't have to dress like a Helghast to keep warm in your house.

Stupid ass dude.

I'm not the biggest gamer in the world, but I got Killzone 3 yesterday, played the 1st level and absolutely loved it. I cannot fathom there being a better looking or playing fps this gen. I just can't. Not unless it's Killzone 4. The game is a cut above any of the other fps I have played.

jahcure2771d ago

this guy is he is whining about IGN giving it a 8.5 (which btw isn't a bad score in my book)

smashman982771d ago

lol the video is fake a joke

UnSelf2771d ago


bubbles lmao XD

negroguy2771d ago

I enjoy reading Balt's comments because you never know if he will troll or praise.

AyeGee2770d ago

Because he has ONE bubble! Lol.

jahcure2771d ago

i'm pretty sure the people pwning him online didn't have a problem with the game ;-)

KZ is for hardcore..want arcade shooter? Go play MW2 or BO

dragonelite2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Kz 3 plays like Mw2 or BO. If it was like killzone 2 yeah i agree.

Raf1k12771d ago

'KZ is for hardcore..want arcade shooter? Go play MW2 or BO'
Is that still true? I thought they made the game noob friendly. It's not out here yet so I won't be able to find out for myself until Friday.

Ravenor2770d ago

Hahahaha, Killzone...hardcore.

Thanks, that was really good I needed that today.

PhoenixDevil2771d ago

I think this guy was a little to scared of the helghast rising again :P

why ruin it though may as well sell it and get 30 odd quid for it, the games still brand new in stores

Fanboys are crazy :P

NYC_Gamer2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

its his right to do what ever he wants since brought the game with his own money

Shadow Flare2771d ago

Doesnt make it any less retarded

radphil2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

He might as well have rolled the ~$60 and smoked it, if it really happened. :p

TheLastGuardian2771d ago

I think he shredded another disc. If it was KZ3 he's a total idiot. I think he just wanted 15 minutes of internet fame.

Mottsy2771d ago

@ nyc we all know thats not true .. ask geohot. lol

Jazz41082771d ago

The game is not great but its not shredding bad. Just trade it like I did for something I liked. Win win for everyone.

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