TGH: Yakuza 4 Demo Impressions

TGH Writes: "The Yakuza series is known for its fighting and for its very cool rendition of places all over Japan and also for its various mini-games, like fishing and clubbing. The upcoming Yakuza 4 title is no different and continues the story of Kazuma Kiru but a few new characters as well. We take a look at the recently released demo of the upcoming title on the PSN."

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NickN4G2771d ago

This is now up on the European store along with Dragon Age 2 demo for people who were waiting. I'm DL them now

HardcoreGamer2770d ago

i recently bought Yakuza 3, and i am shocked how good the game is 13 hours in and only on chapter 4 its immense. im like 10 percent in. SHOCKED. ITS GOOD real good

iceman062770d ago

It took me about 26 hours and I was only about 60% at the end of the game. There are certain things that "lock" after certain chapters and I just didn't feel like going back. Though, it would be worth it. My backlog is crazy! Enjoy it cuz it IS a great story and a fun time.


Don't forget MLB 11 The Show Demo.

Balt 2771d ago

I thought it was just like the last one -- Which was laughably bad. Dragon Age is another abortion of a game. Horrible. Just horrible.

MintBerryCrunch2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

i think you meant to say aberration

abortion, really now?

MightyMark4272770d ago

pretty much the same as Yakuza 4

fasterthanu222770d ago

I think you meant it's the same as Yakuza 3

2770d ago
Dlacy13g2770d ago

I know the Yakuza games are pretty popular in some areas, but after playing the Yakuza 3 demo a ways back I can safely say I will never play another Yakuza game in this series. I felt like I was playing a game from 2000, and recent videos of #4 dont give me any hope that it has changed.

InfiniteJustice2770d ago

It's a pretty poor demo, only concentrates on the combat aspect of the game which is crippled by the fact a lot of new players won't have a clue how the system works.

For a Yakuza fan it's good for testing out the new characters... Even if it doesn't last very long. I feel SEGA has been marketing Yakuza 4 quite well with trailers, etc, but a demo that only concentrates on one aspect of a very broad game was a really stupid idea. It's probably put a good few people off the game

disturbing_flame2770d ago

Yes so true.

It's like rockstar making a demo of GTA with just one little portion or area to play.

That's so far from the total experience the game will give to the player.

The demo is clearly not what the game is offering in terms of gameplay, variety, scenario.

I think Sega should make some of the mini games available in the demo like Poker - Golf even fishing just to give the player a better view of how the game is rich in gameplay.

InfiniteJustice2770d ago

Just something else from the game to add some substance or context to the fighting would have helped... Just can't help but feel SEGA dropped the ball on this one.

One person on my friends list tried it and said it was just a 'really bad fighting game'. From the demo, he has no reason to believe it's so much more.. and that's a shame : /

Redempteur2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

awefull demo ... i realised it when i played as kazuma and couldn't even do most of the awesome things i do in Y3.

disturbing_flame2770d ago

Just something else from the game to add some substance or context to the fighting would have helped.

And i understand all the gamers that would say the game is shity just according to the experience they have with the demo.
If i didn't know the licenec i think i would say the same thing.

I don't understand SEGA, this licence is so great and they butcher it with their demos full of non-sense.

That's why i'm here (like many others) to say this licence is great and i hope some testers around the we will give credit for this game or licence.

Now people complains to have their game finished in 8 hours (sometimes less). Yakuza if you want to just reach the 50% is about 30h easy of gameplay, how much beat them all have the lenght of this campaign.
And i'm not talking about running the game in an other difficulty, i'm talking just about the first run.

Too bad for SEGA, lot of sony PS fanboys are just happy to have exclusvities to talk about on forums, but they don't buy them.
It's such a shame...

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