HD Remastering – Good Idea?

A few years back, when the PS3 launched, everyone was glad to hear that it came with one important feature. Needing to live up to it’s older brother, backwards compatibility is (or should I say was) practically a must in any console. Why build up your beloved games collection if you can’t play them without going through the hassle of having to reconnect your old console? Giving you the ability to play your older games on your new console was always helpful, but is it a dying feature?

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gillri2700d ago

in the case of ICO and SOTC yes

these were absolute classics

darthv722700d ago

hd remastering is a nice idea. It gives people the opportunity to play games they may have missed when originally released. For example, FF7 is one that many are wanting to see come to light.

I myself missed the opportunity to play it back in the day and I could buy one from ebay at an outrageous price. If it were to be remastered, it would be at a more reasonable price and include many upgrades that Square probably wanted to put in originally.

Not only that but it would not invalidate the collectors value the original currently has. It would just add to it. I am a firm believer that these older games were going to get rereleased to the fan fair of having trophie/achievement and online play (if the game supported multiplayer).

When it comes to the idea of a "collection" of games then it is even more attractive. Being able to buy all 3 sly coopers for the price of one originally is a bargain. I myself am really looking forward to a Jak/Daxter and Ratchet collection.

Many would say that remastering older games just shows the lack of original ideas in this current gen. True but every gen has faced this same thing. Original titles will continue to be fleshed out but why not enjoy some throwbacks with added flair to tide you over.

ChickeyCantor2699d ago

"Not only that but it would not invalidate the collectors value the original currently has. It would just add to it"

You don't know that, chances are they will.
Cause even they know FF7 is pretty outdated on battle and dialogs, you name it.

It will include voice, and stuff like that.
It will not be that experience you would have had years ago.
So instead of playing the same game with upgraded visuals, you will play a mutilated game of old.
You just won't know the difference cause you havn't played FF7.

Julie2700d ago

I would play all my PS2 games again i mean all of them , geeze indeed i do play them still :) so a remsater would be like heaven for me :3

I can only dream with complete remakes :)

Dr-Zoidberg2700d ago

I think it is a nice idea and is much better than releasing on psn with no tweaks. I just bought GoW collection and hear good things. I will get ICO and SoC as they sound gems as well. I missed out but now I get to try them.

stragomccloud2700d ago

I'm so glad Nintendo has been pretty decent with backwards compatibility... although not perfect. lol

Xfanboy2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

just a money making opportunity & a reason backwards compatibility is dead now for consoles..because there might be a future for this crap if it sells a million copies like a new game! we will see.. I'll just play uncharted 3 on pc when ps4 hits unless I keep my ps3 idk..

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