Do you want to be my PlayDate? Undercover at GameCrush

[This article contains sexual themes] Gaming Angel editor Tiffany goes undercover at GameCrush to expose what goes on.

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candybeans2702d ago

Probably one of the weirdest two months of my life. Just sayin'.

stealthyslyth2702d ago

Interesting that amateur cam sites pay girls more than this site which is more interest specific...

danielle0072702d ago

Interesting read. It was actual very informative. I couldn't see doing this nonsense personally, but it doesn't sound nearly as gross or evil as I thought it was.

Simco8762702d ago

Nice job to the writer of this article. Real gaming journalism finally!!!

BangBangSami2702d ago

I have always hated that site and also have done my own research on it which I will be putting out soon. But majority of the girls on there do make girl gamers look like sluts or whores.... Makes us all wonder why we get so much crap, cause of girls like that.

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