From The Editor of GamerFitNation: Gamers The New Pioneers

Antwand (BlackBible) Pearman Editor in Chief of GamerFitNation tell you why he believe Gamers are the new frontier. If you're a Gamer then I encourage you to read this.

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I believe in Gamers, Plan and simple.

xtheownerzx2729d ago

i think its great that you have someone willing to put themselves on the line for something they believe and trust in. Good Article


Please read is all I can say.

NJShadow2729d ago

Phenomenal article man, that's for darn sure.

Neckbear2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Hell yeah, let's give ourselves a well-deserved self-blowjob!

...No, dude.

Gaming is a hobby, not a goddamn culture. You're not "gamers", you're simple folk that PLAY VIDEOGAMES.

I'm not an overglorificated, elitist, special flower in the most beautiful, exclusive garden in the whole goddamn universe just because I play videogames, now, am I?

Jesus christ, if anything, I hate people like you. Keep on with your collective circlejerks of no value, all you do is make people feel sick. It's exactly that kind of "IAMSPECIALAMICOOLYETGUYS ?" attitude that ruins communities.

"Gamers" is a completly stupid term that shouldn't exist; you don't generalize people because of their hobbies.

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