Will Bulletstorm get console 3D support?

With the PC version getting 3D support, the question is asked whether console versions will receive the same support in the future.

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TheROsingleB2703d ago

Does anyone even WANT 3D support for the console version?

B1663r2703d ago

No, no one wants this game in 3d, because no one really wants 3d.

In fact, while we are at it, hey movie theaters, quit showing movies in 3d! That way we will go see movies again and you can quit closing all your theaters because it costs less to go see a NBA or NHL game than it does to go see a movie now days.

Active Reload2703d ago

If they just bought a 3Dtv and don't have a PC to play it then the answer would be...yes.

GiggMan2703d ago

I'm sure people who have 3D TV's wouldn't mind the extra feature. I know I love playing Killzone in 3D (single player campaign only) and would love to have 3D support on this game, if I decide to pick it up.

Whats wrong with having the option? The only people who don't want 3D support as a feature are people who don't have 3D TV's.

Pandamobile2703d ago

Doubt it, unless they re-release the game like Eidos did for Batman.

Elven62703d ago

Enslaved patched in 3D support, albeit through Pigsy's DLC story. It's not impossible to do it but whether or not a developer wants to is anyones guess.

dontbhatin2703d ago

if its stereoscopic then they will for the ps3 hopefully. its pointless to do on the xbox

B1663r2703d ago

ok its and it's mean different things...

IT IS (or it's) pointless to do.

There I fixed it for you.

MaggieA2703d ago

Gosh the ignorance in the comments here is amazing. Firstly, Enslaved added 3D support, both Tr0viz and true stereoscopic via a downloadable piece of content for Xbox 360. So not sure why that would be pointless here as well?

Elven62703d ago

Why would it be pointless on the 360? The Xbox 360 is capable of Stereoscopic 3D and has a few games that do it as well but not as many as the PS3 does.

dontbhatin2702d ago

I never said that the xbox wasn't capable of running 3d. when i mean pointless, i mean it doesn't run as well as it would on the ps3 or the pc.

knowing if it is properly done on the ps3 it would probably run native at a higher resolution on the ps3 in stereoscopic than on the 360. this is all being said on opinion and facts on how it wasn't just tacked on like it has been with the xbox trying to keep up with the advancements in the videogame industry.

kramun2703d ago

Well a lot of games get 3D support on pc, it doesn't mean they will all get 3D support on consoles does it?

B1663r2703d ago

With my last bubble on this thread I would love to see someone who cares more than I do, go look up and post a link to the Valve hardware survey for the number of players who actually play games in stereo vision. I bet it hovers right around zero.

Pandamobile2703d ago

Where does it say anything in the Steam User Survey about stereo 3D?

kramun2703d ago

I agree, 3D support has been available for ages on pc. Most people don't really care, it's there but not many people are that bothered. I'm not too fussed myself either.

tisoyboy22703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

No one wants 3D? Get a 3D "TV" and play a true 3D game. Bulletstorm would be visually great in 3D if developed correctly. If, its within your means, try out Pacific Rift 3D, Super Stardust 3D and Wipeout HD. If you only play on 360 then I can understand why you feel there is no need for 3D. I mean the truth is the 3D version of Batman Arkham Asylum and CoD Black Ops are bad displays of 3D technology. I'm sure that if Microsoft could use a quad layer disk with the 360's present optical drive, they would be pushing 3D games out as well.