Lead & Gold Developers, FatShark Announce New Title

TGH Writes: "The developers of the great PSN title Lead & Gold have moved on and created a new title and when gamers see it they may be a bit confused. Hamilton’s Great Adventure is currently in development for release sometime this year."

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BakedGoods2768d ago

Lead & Gold was 'meh' but it showed promise. Looking forward to this one.

ic4ruz2768d ago

Lead and gold was also on PC and this is 2 months old news.

sickbird2768d ago

i was pretty disappointed with Lead & Gold.

plumber152768d ago

if you where a PS+ member the price was amazing and i thought the game was good as well

sickbird2768d ago

i bought it the day it came out, idk if ps+ was even around then.