Bulletstorm on PC is an unfriendly mess, but it's fixable

ARS: Bulletstorm is getting great reviews on the consoles, but how does the PC version run? We gave it a download on Steam to check things out, and things are... weird. The game has a number of issues on our favorite platform, but it remains a fun—and violent—way to spend an afternoon.

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2613d ago
Kran2613d ago

Its fixable, yes.

....Doesnt mean EA are going to fix it.

EA are almost as bad as Activision. ALMOST!

evrfighter2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Ea is just waiting for the most opportune moment before they reclaim their dbag title.

I'll leave it at that. I only purchase a couple of games at full price and only one title at 60 bucks per year. Last year it was sc2, this year its bf3.

This title will get the steam sale treatment within six months. Guaranteed

therapist2613d ago

it worked perfect for me and the graphics of the pc version SHIT all over the [email protected] ugli mess of console versions with jaggies, pop-in and terrible framerates, the console version looks like ASS, the pc version shits on killzone 3, uncharted 2 and 3 and anything else that will ever come out on ps3 or 360, the consoles are so freaking old i feel bad for them

Checkmate2613d ago

bc it's all about the graphics right?

Kon2613d ago

No. Graphics(PC) Sound(PC) Controls for FPS (PC) Performance(PC)

blackburn52612d ago

You have issues.I see you are just another PC snob

Theo11302613d ago

Weird, I had none of these issues with the game, I think it is really good, even with GFWL

Kon2613d ago

Lies. I'm currently +5hours in the PC version an it runs fine as a pie. They did a great job optimizing the game. Even with everything on high i get 60FPS.

slyrunner2613d ago

With what card?? Im running wit ha 5870,, and its chocky as hell :(

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