Child of Eden pushed into Q2 2011

Ubisoft has confirmed via an updated release schedule that the upcoming psychedelic shooter from Q Entertainment Child of Eden has been pushed into the second quarter of 2011.

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R2D22702d ago

Me too.

Move would be perfect for this type of game.

rdgneoz32702d ago

"Child of Eden will feature Kinect and Move support on its respective platforms."

Hopefully it having Move support is true.

EVILDEAD3602702d ago's been announced for both Move and Kinect from day one..

The reason it gets alot of love for Kinect is because Ubisoft did the amazing Live demonstration using Kinect at E3..

Easily has been one of my most anticipated titles for Kinect since it was shown..


Giru0172701d ago

Move support had never been confirmed, only Kinect.

EVILDEAD3602701d ago (Edited 2701d ago ) was known since E3..

Ubisoft always made it known that it would be playable for both..again with Ubisoft leading their show with Eden using Kinect people somewhere along the line forgot it was always for both Motion control systems