Sony: PlayStation Home 'worth a second look'

Lessons learnt after humble beginnings, says Home exec.

The PlayStation Home service has “firmed up” into a successful business after two formative years, a Sony executive has said.

But Home platform director Peter Edward said Sony Computer Entertainment is “first to admit” the service was “basic” when it launched in December 2008.

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kasasensei2770d ago

"Sony: PlayStation Home 'worth a second look'"
Yes, definitely. The service is now technically much better than at launch. Beside that, there are many little games to try, many spaces to visit, many stuff to unlock for free, many way to lose some time...
Just try it, again. :p

kreate2770d ago

the main thing here is that the service is free.
so u cant even complain, cuz its free.

Close_Second2770d ago

Even with it being free I find I have no use for it. Obviously not aimed at my generation.

Dee_912770d ago

the good ol days when I used to dance in front of people trying to have a conversation
that was so funny
i made the ugliest creature lol

JoySticksFTW2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I went to Home out of curiosity just last night.

I'm shocked at how Sony turned Home around.

Lots to do now; lots of games to play, not just hanging out.

Though I was hanging out in the inFamous space last night and it got me all amped up for inFamous 2.

I definitely need to give Home another chance, because it looked fun in there.

ToastyMcNibbles2770d ago

Home really is great.. its like an entirely new product compared to when it first launched.. you can easily be overwhelmed now with the amount of content it offers.. the only thing I wish is for more PS3 exclusive titles to be better tied into Home.. like have more Home items to unlock and other goodies.. they should also tie Home more into the XMB.. have your Home avatar show up on your profile when you click it and have a tab with Home stats and stuff.. basically make it feel more connected.. other than that Home is ace

4me22770d ago

Home is not really my thing but strangely I found it nice to place to go and chat with a few friends while playing Poker.
I wish there was an option to watch Netflix in Home Personal Space with friends and, of course, chat with them at the same time.

Shang-Long2770d ago

i re-downloaded it yesterday, i plan on checking it out. heard good things about it now

Masterchef20072770d ago

Playstation come is quite good actually. I use it to chat all the time its fantastic for that. Its sad that a service like XBOXlive doesnt offer something similar. Well the closest thing i could find on microsofts console is this.

Which is nice but it isnt the same thing as home though

SpLinT2770d ago

its worth a second look but not a third .

lordkemp0072770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I initially liked the idea of Home. However after trying it a couple of times, my enthusiasm waned after it seemed like going from one frustrating loading screen to another, which soon became tiresome. I gave it another go, about six months later and it was pretty much the same thing. (ie lots of loading from one area to another)
This put me off and i have not used the service since, i would guess in about a year.
Perhaps it's a horses for courses thing, an age thing or otherwise but as much as i love Sony, Home just doesn't interest me.
For my own personal preference i wish it was not created at the expense of cancelling 8 Day's and The Getaway 3, both of which looked very promising titles.

I appreciate the endeavours that Sony have gone to in improving the service and i fully grasp it is endorsed and enjoyed by many fans across the world, so perhaps i will afford it another look to see the changes that have been implemented.

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The story is too old to be commented.