Racing is exhausting. Racing is violent. Racing is fluid. Racing is not muted, static or uninspiring. When you take to the track SHIFT 2 Unleashed for the first time, you'll feel a rush you've never felt before in another racing game........

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mcstorm2705d ago

I have to say this game is looking better and better.

stevenhiggster2705d ago

I had mixed emotions with the first game, some things I loved about it and others not so.
This however looks very promising and as long as the framerate is better than the first one, I'm definitely in.

mcstorm2705d ago

I agree with you all this game is looking like it could give Forza and GT a run for its money with what we are starting to see. The first game was good but not quite up to GT and forza level but this one looks like it might be getting there. If it dose I will be glad to see a 3rd sim game up there with Forza and GT will be good for the market.

CernaML2705d ago

Now that was impressive. Definitely interested.

andyboy132705d ago

Thank god people are finally starting to get rid of the locked dash view! I am not saying Live for Speed is the best at Apex views, but after playing LFS and setting it up to essentially look where the front wheels are pointed, I couldn't race in other games the same. That feature alone in Shift 2 could make me look at buying it.

helrazor3432705d ago

That looks awesome, not that I needed a lot of extra convincing (cause I actually liked Shift), but the drift footage, I loved how the view swings out to the side window instead of being locked to looking down the hood of the car. That was more impressive than I was expecting, good job.

Quagmire2705d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. GT5 is just a driving simulator. Shift 2 is a Racing Simulator.

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