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GameDynamo - "Trailing in the bloodstained footsteps of 2009’s critically-acclaimed Killzone 2, Killzone 3 continues the World-War I-inspired war between the ISA and Helghast armies. Altering and refining many gameplay elements in subtle and drastic ways in both its cinematic single-player campaign and addictive multiplayer modes, Killzone 3 offers first-person shooter fans a familiar gaming experience in a beautifully realized world."

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btk2700d ago

After a bit of time with KZ3 - my views:

- Story sucks
- Need a strong central character like Snake
- My kids prefer DS3 over Move
- I Tried Move + DS3. Think I will have to get the Nav controller to see if it works better. DS3 is not for one-handed play.
- Move controls is interesting. Not used to it yet.
- Game Engine is great. GG should license it to people who can make games around better story-lines.
- Character that really gripped you in KZ2 was Scholar Visari. Then they killed him. Damn. Now I can barely remember who I played as, and who I am supposed to fight.
- Gameplay is great. Up with the best fps games.
- Graphics is awesome
- There is some stutters at times, which does not make sense, because nothing was happening at the time. Maybe loading something that caused it?

After an hour or two I really miss Snake. GG - please build KZ4 around a really good character. UC has Nathan Drake, MGS has Snake, KZ has... erm...awesome Hellghans?

Goeres2700d ago

Better yet, make us play as the HELGHAST. You know GG, there's a reason why you're marketing your game with the villains instead of the "heroes".