Neocrisis: What if ... Sony loses to Geohot

Neocrisis: With the recent announcement from Sony that they are suing Geohot for hacking the PS3, the question arises what if Geohot wins? Over the past few days Geohot has posted online requesting people for money so he can mount a legal defense against Sony. A few days later Geohot closed donations saying he had received enough funds for the first round of defense.

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jazzking20012735d ago

Geohot FTW
- like his video also

MAiKU2735d ago

So if he loses this would be a Geohot FTL, and the video will make him look more like a douche after the fact right? Just wonderin'

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knifefight2735d ago

Hahaha that is the perfect screenshot for this article/headline. Has that perfect look of a Keanu reeves-type "...Whoa" about it.

Kran2735d ago

If Sony DO lose to Geohotz, then Geohotz will take over. It then means many more people will be encouraged to pirate their games, many companies will lose out on ALOT of money, video game companies will shut down.

No more games.

Sounds dramatic? Then don't pirate games!

GSpartan7772735d ago

Believe it or not, if GeoHotz wins nothing really happens. Things just go back to where they were before things was blown out of proportion on N4G. And if he stands by his words about not making piracy possible then everything will be fine. Only he stands to lose while for Sony its either win or gain nothing, but there is no loss for Sony. Ultimately they will have to work on security regardless and do what they've always been doing, update PSN and give us good game.

JD_Shadow2735d ago

Then why are you attacking me and some other people and some of the articles that bring another POV on N4G! I know I'm more, how would you say it...colorful, in how I say things? Because my anger stems more from what I'm seeing here with the "I hope he dies" BS and the comments that have arguments that the articles and the pro-Hot people have shot down a million times before. Yeah, the key releasing was not something that he should've done without a DAMN good reason (which I think he possibly could have if Sony had intent on hiding these holes that they might've known about from the public, knowing the fact that his efforts ended with the keys, not started there), but I don't think the case is JUST about the keys or JUST about people "able" to pirate and/or cheat!

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The story is too old to be commented.