Nomura Comments On Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep’s Absence On PSN

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, perhaps one of the most anticipated PSP games in 2010, is only available on a UMD and in stores. That means PSPgo owners won’t get to play the Kingdom Hearts prequel or visit Stitch in Deep Space. Why?

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Abash2580d ago

Please Nomura, make it happen. I want to be able to play KH:BBS on my NGP when I get it

Quagmire2579d ago

I wonder whats the probability of being able to port ps2 titles to NGP, considering its leet power.

Wouldnt mind a KH collection :)

NukaCola2579d ago

The probablity should be more than high since the NGP is designed to port PS3 games. The idea of clouding your game to the NGP is out and being developed. Kojima mentioned it. It's like being abole to dump the 6gigs from COD onto your NGP and then playing your account and game over 3G anywhere. I am actually pretty impressed by that concept.

Man In Black2579d ago

Maybe if they released the fucking thing on PSN, then people using a GO would be less likely to pirate it.

knifefight2580d ago

Real answer: "The reason why this and 3rd Birthday, and FF4 remake (coming soon) aren't on PSN is because we want you to buy it twice."

It comes out exclusively on UMD for a while, they sell all the units they can on that, clear the shelves, then 2 years down the road, put it on PSN.

That's what they did with FF's 1 and 2 and you can bet that's what they're doing with their new games as well. Just a business strategy.

GrieverSoul2579d ago

I dont really see a point in doing that strategy. I agree with you but its doesnt make sense for me that Square Enix would gain more money by doing that.

My first thought on this was game share. Since you can use a PSN account on 5 activated systems, this means it would be possible to someones download the game and share it with 4 more people. I dont know if this works for PSP titles too though.

showtimefolks2579d ago

KH 1-2 in HD with trophies on one disk plus on psn

than come E3 or TGS confirm KH3 for home console or consoles

but since they working on ff13-2 and ff13 versus i be fine if we can just get Kh1-2 in HD to start with than hopefully down the road Kh3

Eamon2579d ago

BBS was the best in the series in terms of gameplay.

ChronoJoe2579d ago

Best hurry up.

People will want to play it on NGP. But won't be able to unless it's DD. They'll lose out on a whole load of sales.