Crysis 2: No EA Online Pass

Gamertag Radio writes: "During my recent trip to NYC I was able to get some hands on time with Crysis 2 and a few minutes with one of the developers from Crytek. As I was playing the game I was trying to poke and prod with various questions. I received an unsuspected answer when I asked if Crysis 2 would have the “EA Online Pass” feature that game renters/used game buyers seem to despise."

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JoelT2705d ago

Have they finally come to their senses? One can only hope.

Queasy2705d ago

Not EA. They just gave Crytek the option and Crytek declined. Expect to see the Online Pass for nearly every other EA published game though.

tmoss7262705d ago

Bulletstorm had the online pass.

Queasy2705d ago

@tmoss - I know. That would fall under the "nearly every other EA published game" category.

rezzah2705d ago

Um does Deaspace 2 have the online pass too? Cause if so that really sucks, I got 2 other brothers who love Dead Space...

gamingdroid2705d ago

I really dislike EA for essentially introducing this terrible idea of Online Pass?

Why isn't there more outrage about this? I can't play online unless I pay EA! There could be a bunch of reasons why I can't or won't use my original account anymore. This is ridiculous and I won't support EA, but damned it I had to get Bulletstorm.

Marked2705d ago

I'm sure if you change "accounts?" and have proof of purchase, EA would gladly e-mail you a new code. Also the code comes with all new purchases.

Note: I'm not saying I support the online code. I find it odd to think of the fuss being tossed around. Personally, if I'm lusting over a games online features... its a day one for me or I'm willing to spend the extra $5 for a new copy. Dont be mad at EA for trying to retain profits, be mad at gamestop for fleacing you for the last decade. "here's $10, now watch me sell it for $50."

What seems less fair here?

gamingdroid2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"Personally, if I'm lusting over a games online features... its a day one for me or I'm willing to spend the extra $5 for a new copy."

I don't generally do business with GameStop unless they have an exclusive unavailable else where. I don't buy used games ever as used games disgust me. It's a non-issue for me.

"I'm sure if you change "accounts?" and have proof of purchase, EA would gladly e-mail you a new code."

With that said, why do I have to ask (i.e. beg) EA for a code to a game I already purchased legitimately maybe 2-years down the line?

Besides, it might be $10 extra for you to get that feature, for me I might have to buy a code for every family member after the initial purchase of the game itself?

EAs problem with GameStop is theirs, not mine. Don't make it my problem!

Besides EA has the option to not provide GameStop with brand new games as a sanction against them, but they are not, they are making it a burden on consumers now.

Furthermore, when you buy a car, do you have the manufacturer withhold features of the car solely to original owner i.e. no one else including family members can use it?

What seems fair here in all these cases?

Bottom line, I used to be able to share one game disc and have as many people play online with it as I want. Now I can't and EA wants more money. You figure out if that is good economics for you!

Keep in mind that it might not affect you now, but you might have children....

Vherostar2705d ago

Come to there senses?? Online pass helps against piracy which at the moment is rampant on consoles especially the 360 where its been hacked for many years and MS seem to have almost all but given up trying to combat it. I reckon it will still be in the box.

Redempteur2705d ago

i still don't get why i have to go through EA online pass just to play Tetris on PSn ...

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MAJ0R2705d ago

probably because less people would have bought since it got leaked

mistajeff2705d ago

thank god. all they need to do now is stop charging $60 for PC games. even ubisoft went back to $50 for AC Brotherhood.

Kran2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


I hated those online passes. There was just no point in them and just meant more money for them.

NYC_Gamer2705d ago

why should gamestop,be the only ones making profit from used software?

VenGencE9992705d ago

It's not about gamestop. It's about the ability of the gamer to play a game you bought anywhere you'd like.

Try loaning your brother a game you bought new for $60 bucks and him not being able to play it, in the same house...

Dlacy13g2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

@NYC_Gamer... I do agree with you, but the reality is having that online pass has probably hurt their DLC sales in a significant way. And as we all know, DLC has a nice high profit margin attached to it versus the retail sale.

I would bet EA makes as much if not more in profit for a $10-$15 DLC sale on a game versus just selling the game new. You factor in less people buying the game new cause they get even less for selling it back now and well... EA is probably realizing this was not the smartest of moves.

Kran2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


Ahh but you see, EA Games wanted you to BOTH buy your own copy of the game.

You didn't buy- YOU DIDNT BUY DEAD SPACE 2?!!?!?!?!?!?

gamingdroid2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'm trying hard to boycott EA games and didn't buy Dead Space 2. I couldn't resist Bulletstorm though, and being a huge fan of Mass Effect there isn't much I can do there.

However, I will make an effort to buy all EA game at its cheapest i.e. when they are like $10.

I don't support game companies that attempt to take away my freedom, .... all our gaming freedom.

Boycott EA as much as you can!

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Vherostar2705d ago

Erm there free with the game?? Only pirates had to pay and people who got the games on trade and with the rate games drop in price these days you might as well buy new as the price is usually about £5 difference (the same as an online pass!).

RyuCloudStrife2705d ago

Thank god those online passes are GheY

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