How Does Dragon Age II Fare Against Its Predecessor? -StickTwiddlers

The long awaited demo for Dragon Age II was released on PC and X360 yesterday and gamers are already starting to rave about how good it is but how does it fare against it’s predecessor?

Ben took the opportunity to go back and play through some of the Dragon Age: Origins DLC to get a better perspective of what Bioware have done to make Dragon Age II a great experience for players.

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Roper3162767d ago

played the demo last night and from that I liked the look and feel of DA:O better. Will wait to make my final judgement until after I have played and finished the full retail release though.

wolfceek2767d ago

I hated the demo. Its dated. The visuals are fine. It seemed like when fighting the scenes were farther away and the text was smaller. I hate the wheel like text control. I played the xbox version. I like the first one the best I had it on ps3 . I wonlt be spending 60 bucks on this. I'll wait for homefront.

DarkSpawnClone2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I loved it the fighting is much better almost close to a action rpg but still has elements of the original,it has better character design,good voice acting,i will say i hate how the darksawn look compared to the original and awakening,talking darksawn still own all...but i got to say i really can't wait to get the full game dragon age 2 will be great. i beat the original about 10 times and yeah theres things i like about it more,but there are things i like about dragon age 2 like my character can speak!!!! Wooo! he is not retarded and mute anymore lol..but i think if you are really into dragon age your going to love it as much as i will