Why Gears of War 3 should release in November

X360Mag: So Gears of War 3 now has a solid release date: 20th September. We tell you why this is a bad idea.

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TimmyShire2765d ago

Is Gears really able to stand up against November's big hitters? I think not...

Hands Up For Games2765d ago

In what way quality or sales?

Personally, I think it will stand up to the titles mentioned pretty well.

ksense2765d ago

skyrim, mass effect 3, uncharted 3, battlefield 3, call of duty etc... yea I don't think November would be a good idea. I still don't know how I am gonna get all those titles myself during that month and trust me call of duty is definitely last on my list and that too only if I see something different than more black ops/mw2 type games.

jetlian2765d ago

that will out sell it is COD. But its wiser to come out by themselves.

R2D22765d ago

Please explain how Uncharted would hurt Gears sales?

Active Reload2765d ago

Just face it folks, Gears has laid down its ground work. If anything is a system seller, its Gears, so only the haters are concerned about Gears not competing with the "heavy hitters" and their delusion is amusing. No matter what game has came out, Gears has always did its numbers. Just look at it, there's nothing out there like it.

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Sizzon2765d ago

Yes it will, Gears of War is a big franchise, and one of the earliest games this gen back in 2006.

otherZinc2765d ago

Gears 3 was always releasing in September since the pushed the spring date 2011 back.

2. Gears has always stomped a hole in Uncharted & Resistance (NPD)

3. Gears did release along side COD & held its own selling 2million in that month (NPD)

Look at the Uncharted numbers from NPD & you'll see Uncharted never compared to Gears, period!

Feckles2765d ago

Why? No!

Actually, let's do this. All the big games release on the same day and we'll see who has the biggest... sales.

NYC_Gamer2765d ago

MS,wants to get all the sales before call of duty releases

ksense2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

^this. this way MS can kick off the holiday season with a sure fire hit and boast about it instead of Gears coming out in a crowded month and getting overshadowed by the rest of titles coming out during the later months.

FrigidDARKNESS2765d ago

They have another big title slated for November can we say Halo remake ...maybe.

N4PS3G2765d ago

To the author: Think bigger, if Gears is releasing in Sep is probably because they have something (that they believe will sell better) for Novemember.

It could be Modern Warfare 3, it could another Halo

They won't waste November because they can't compete, Gears would outsell all the other november releases. They probably just have another bigger title to milk or one of those call of duty deals.

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The story is too old to be commented.