SiliconRepublic Reviewed: Killzone 3

SR: With a number of FPS games not set for release until the autumn, Killzone 3 has stolen a march on the market for now. However, I think this game will last long after other titles, such as Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem Forever have been released. You don’t necessarily need to have played the previous instalments in the series to get a great gaming experience this game but for the sake of the story it does help massively. This instalment does well in connecting the previous editions and giving an insight into the back story of Helghan.

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clearelite2699d ago

Great score, thanks for the article!

Dlacy13g2699d ago

Wow....u bump the score a full point because of named / known voice actors? U lose a little credibility in my eyes for that last part of the review.

RXL2699d ago

i haven't opened this game up..i bought it two days ago and it's still sitting there...staring at me when i wake up..commanding me to play with it like a drunken excited girlfriend..

i need to mentally prepare myself for a week before delving into that monster.

Ducky2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Your girlfriend's eyes light up red and she starts wearing helmets when she's drunk and excited?

... and I thought a red nose was bad.