Bulletstorm Review (PlanetXbox360)

For a minute there, we were worried that Epic Games would be nothing more than the studio that headed up Gears of War. Not that there’s anything really wrong with that, but sometimes being limited to one franchise for so long can wear down on a team. (Just look what happened with Bungie and Halo.) Fortunately, the team does break out with the occasional side project, and this time around, it teamed up with People Can Fly for the hellaciously fun Bulletstorm. Seriously, this is just the kick in the pants the developer – and the genre in itself – needed. The game refuses to take itself too seriously, instead relying on an over-the-top storyline and utterly hilarious “bromance”-related dialogue to move things along. You play a drunken captain named Grayson hellbent on bringing down a corrupt army leader who’s been ordering his team to murder innocents. He manages to bring down the big dog’s ship, only to have it crash down on a nearby planet infested with plants and creeps. From there, all hell breaks loose, and it’s up to Grayson, his half-bionic cohort Ishi (who’s irritated that he’s been rebuilt with ship parts) and others to shut down the threat and get off the planet ASAP.

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LaurenKB1232644d ago

Good review, nice job Epic...

Cajun Chicken2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I love the way people forgot that Epic pioneered a far better franchise with Unreal Tournament spanning 5 games in spun off of an IP already before Gears of War ever existed which the Gears games are powered by. But somehow Epic are known for Gears of War, just because it filled in a void at a particular time which has now passed and sold as a showcase of the commercial middleware they were offering.

Bulletstorm however looks brilliant and it seems like Epic need People Can Fly as a studio with original ideas as much PCF needs Epic to gain a bigger audience and development budget.

TacoBurrito2644d ago

I played some today. Kickass!