GameInformer: Fight Night Champion Review: The Fight to the Top

GI: I suspect that although most people don’t consider themselves boxing fans, the sport resonates with us because it’s been delivered successfully via a story – whether that’s Rocky, Raging Bull, or even Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. Therefore, the Fight Night franchise is the perfect place to do something gamers have wanted for years – create more drama in sports games. Champion mode’s tale of Andre Bishop and the characters that surround him is an excellent blend of gameplay and writing, with each one complementing the other to produce a step forward for the genre.

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MoreRPG2770d ago

wow i didnt even know this game was coming out this month
looks ill give it a try

artsaber2770d ago

Games VS Wallet... FIGHT!!!

damnyouretall2770d ago

love the demo but there are way too many games coming out this year. price drop later in the year definetly. its bi annual anyways