Why Gears of War 3 Needs Kinect Support

NowGamer: Kinect’s sold amazingly so far – an incredible eight million pickups since launch. But what’s going to happen next? While Sony’s Move maintains a steady trickle of titles that ,if not directly built for the device, certainly enjoy a level of compatibility to keep it ticking over, our Kinects are beginning to be relegated to the same cupboard as our cobweb-encrusted Wii and prematurely abandoned copies of Test Drive Unlimited 2...

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2732d ago
Kran2732d ago

EEEEEEEM. I don't think so.

I mean I think we should just let the main trilogy be a controller type game.

Im guessing that Gears of War Exile could be a kinect game. While many people may not like the movement with Kinect, if it was one of those games like Dead Space Extraction where the character moves for you, it might work.

btk2732d ago

Because PS3 Move has KZ3. People notice the fact that Kinect has nothing to compete with this.

Feckles2732d ago

A combination of (mostly) controller and (some) Kinect control could work well. Simple gestures for squad control and grenade throwing could be an interesting addition.

Aarix2732d ago

Yes I agree. If we use both the controller and kinect to add to the gameplay, it would work very well.

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