Battlefield 3 gameplay - 38 hot screens from the trailer

CVG: If your eyes are still stinging from the rather ace Battlefield 3 gameplay teaser trailer that EA just sent over, you might be feeling like you need a contemplative break from all the action.

We're here to help. Relax, unwind, and take a gander at these 38 screens, freshly grabbed from the footage.

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OpenGL2764d ago

why would you take screenshots of low quality videos like this?

ATiElite2764d ago

I've been jerking off to these screen shots ALL DAY. The video alone has my hand raw and my elbow numb.

OMG!! Battlefield 3 PC is beyond amazing. I gotta go get more lotion!!!!

arjman2764d ago

You need help buddy...

mac4u102764d ago

looks amazing but were is the console versions goddamit???

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