Media Create software sales (2/14 - 2/20)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales for Catherine and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have been revealed.

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Cloudberry2734d ago

01. / 00. [PS3] Catherine (Atlus Co.) {2011.02.17} – 141.826 / NEW

07. / 00. [360] Catherine (Atlus Co.) {2011.02.17} – 21.936 / NEW


Mission accomplished.

ATLUS has reached Catherine's target sales; more than 150.000-160.000.

Now announce this in English.

Neckbear2734d ago

Target sales in the first week, that's quite the GREAT news for Atlus.


MaideninBlack2734d ago

Why bother wasting money on localization? Something tells me it won't sell more than 20k in the West.

PeZuS2734d ago

Don't know why they bother with 360 versions in Japan...

Keith Olbermann2734d ago

360 sales are bad but at least it got them over 150k.

xtremegamerage2734d ago

It's all PS3/PSP now.

Impressive turnaround.

insomnium22734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Yeah but I think all of us who are sane on this website would've guessed things will even out in the end. Noone guessed the success of the PSP that's for sure but PS3 was bound to be popular there. It was all about the price.

It's great news all round though. Now give me this game Atlus.

GodHandDee2734d ago

ps3 version outsold TLS sales already, surprising level of success for Catherine. Atlus must be very happy

HungryGoku2734d ago

Atlus and Sony are doing the money dance.

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