Dragon Age 2 PC Performance Analysis Part1

DasReviews writes: "Performance is all over the place in DX11. BioWare stated that DX11 is bugged in the demo version, so we assume that things will get better in the final version. Framerate was averaging around 30-60fps at 1080p with High details. When we run the game in DX9, we were able to force 4xAA and got great performance, as we were averaging around 80-120fps..."

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WhiteNoise2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

**DEMO** PERFORMANCE. As DX11 was bugged I ran it in maxed dx9 @1080p with 32csaa. It NEVER dipped below 60 frames, not even to 59 frames.

It ran and looked better than Dragon Age by far.
The demo also did not officially support SLI. You could force it but it is extremely unoptimised. With the full game and a driver update....their performance would go from 40 min maxed to 60 min.

Omega Archetype2583d ago

I tried it in DX11 and it indeed was all over the place. I'm going to go back and try it again at DX9 and see how much smoother it is for me.

The game itself seems to be a significant improvement over the original. I just couldn't get into it...but then again I didn't have a good PC to play it on and was playing on consoles and it was just a bad experience. I'm pretty excited for DA2 on PC though!

WhiteNoise2583d ago

The performance was bad in DX11 for me to with an overclocked's not because of the games visual tax, it;s just because of poor optiimisation/bugs in the demo.

If you have a gtx260/gtx285 you will be able to play the full game maxed in DX10 ( the high setting ) easily when the full game releases.

Just don't set it to high in the demo as it runs under DX11 ( even though it's really DX10 ) and it makes performance and stability bad, medium is the max setting in the demo under DX9. It still looks great though.

Omega Archetype2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Yeah, just tested it out. I'm running it at 1080p with 4x AA, DX9 (medium) and getting roughly 45-60 FPS.

I've got laptop with a i7 740QM and a GTX 460M and I'm curious what I'll be able to play it at when it comes out. In any case, I gotta find some cash so I can buy it next month! I spent it all on buying this new laptop lol.

I'm extremely impressed with this demo and almost considering buying DA:O a third time (yup, I gave DA:O two chances before, once on 360 and once on PS3,) because it seems this game was just meant to be played on PC. But since DAII is coming out next month, I think I'd be better off putting the cash towards it's purchase instead of the first.

joydestroy2583d ago

i had no issues running DX11 guys. it kept crashing after the first part but that's because my drivers needed to be updated. played on DX11 high settings with 4x AA

showtimefolks2583d ago

and there were some frame rate issues but overall game looks good i think the way the combat is its made for consoles in a way

how was the combat style on DA1 was it the same or similar as DA2 or was it pause choose and make moves and play or was it all real time?

worth play DA1? on ps3?

Ranshak2583d ago

DA 1 did have pause on console. It did have pause on PC.

DA1 is definetly a PC game.

Sarcasm2583d ago

Strange how you're getting that, on mines with DX11 very high settings it becomes a slideshow. And I have a GTX 580. Went back to DX9 mode and runs up to 120fps.

JsonHenry2583d ago

I don't understand. I played in DX11 and it played smooth as butter? I mean the fps DID dip on occasion. But that was very few times and the rest of the time it ran perfect.

Sarcasm2582d ago

I think it's going to range from system to system. Perhaps some folks are able to use DX11 without any problems, but for people like me, enabling DX11 completely bugs it. Oh well, let's hope the final retail release isn't going to be an issue.

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Motorola2583d ago

Thats weird. I used DX 11 on medium. never got under 55 frames. On DX9, medium? 30 and below

Pandamobile2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

DX11 is faster than DX9.

If you're running two different APIs at the same settings, it can demonstrate how much faster and efficient DX11 is.

Newtype2583d ago

EVGA has an update that makes demos support SLi configurations. EVGA FTW!