Randy Pitchford: Duke Nukem Forever is not the game I'd have made

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has said that Duke Nukem Forever is not the game he would have made, were Gearbox to be starting on the project from scratch.

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KaiokenKid2702d ago

Jesus. damage control starting even before release?

mightyboot2702d ago

This isnt damage control its honesty

DarkSpawnClone2702d ago

read the article not the tittle -_-

R2D22702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

STFU Randy - the game you would have made would have taken another 20 years.

Edit: "Gearbox's Randy Pitchford has said that Duke Nukem Forever is not the game he would have made and with out him the game is garbage"

mightyboot2702d ago

He´s giving credit to 3D Realms and ur telling to shut up? read the dam article.

-chaz-2702d ago

I think you have it backwards; if Gearbox had spearheaded this project, it would have likely been done right (and on time)

lh_swe2702d ago

Take some time to actually read articles, it might help kid.

DragonWarrior2702d ago

Didn't most of 3-D realms not go to Gearbox anyways?

lastdual2702d ago

This is the statement:

“It’s not my game,” he said. “My commitment is to make sure that I and you and we all finally get to play the game we’ve been waiting for all this time. So the commitment that I’ve made with my studio is to make sure 3D Realms’ vision is realised.”

From that, the article derives "not the game I would have made" - Randy never says those words, because they can obviously be taken in the wrong context, which seems to be what Beefjack's headline is purposefully doing to get more hits...

fredfenster2702d ago

Thanks. Lousy header once again...

Mista T2702d ago

then again, he's only reassuring people that this is the game 3d realms would have released

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