Little Japanese Girl Wins Over Our Hearts (And Kinect)

If you are looking for success in the Xbox 360's uphill battle in Japan, look no further than this.

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meetajhu2731d ago

I have this kinect but i have no games for it on 360 i have it connected to pc. I would probably get this game

creamydingle2731d ago

Video proof kinect has sold at least one in Japan!

douchedebater2731d ago

Video proof that not everyone in Japan lives in a 3x5 box.

GodsHand2731d ago

That about sums it up for me.

MAiKU2731d ago

AaaaaH reminds me of my baby sister!

mcstorm2731d ago

She was far better on that than I am at Dance Central. I am not a dancer at all but for some reason really into dance central at the more seems to be a challenge abit like Rock Band was.

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