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ASSASSYN 36o2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Epic game will be epic.

I hope that impressive lighting stays intact. This game already looks impressive. I am sure it is farther along than suspected. EA is surely managing a strategic launch for all it's games.

ATiElite2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

This is what PC gamers have patiently been waiting for as developers learned to fully use DX11. DICE has been doing their homework on the Frostbite Engine 2.0 and it's paying off BIG TIME!

The King is Back!!

Xfanboy2770d ago

If your gonna have a super power gpu devs should use it!! good work dice!

inveni02770d ago

This has the potential to become the new graphics king. I'm not sure how the console ports will look, but as far as being caught up with this year's GPUs, I think this game might take the cake.

Hanif-8762770d ago

Which FPS could possibly be better than this? Battlefield 3 is the pinnacle of EPIC :-)

Klepto2770d ago

lol low resolution textures all over the place :P

captain-obvious2770d ago

while i do love killzone 3 and i do think it has the best graphics on consoles
but im Sorry PC always got the upper hand when it comes to graphics

ATiElite2770d ago

Usually I don't judge people but hey if you like KZ3 graphics better than the video currently playing on EA's website showing Real Time IN GAME footage of Battlefield 3 PC then by all means more power to you.

I love KZ3 but those pics look totally awesome compared to any console game but then look like crap when compared to BF3. Sorry buddy it is what it is. Total Graphical and Game play Dominance better know as Battlefield 3 PC!

DrRichtofen2770d ago

Can't you just enjoy both?

artdafoo2770d ago

I got KZ3 and while it looks good, there is alot of spawn campin and dudes running around with their OP shotguns and almost no tactics involved pretty much die, run to where the action is, die and repeat. I'll take large maps full of destructibility and vehicles involving team based combat over KZ3's run n gun gameplay any day.

Darkfocus2770d ago

those pics are over double KZ3's ingame res 4,000px × 2,250px opposed to the 1280px x 720px ingame(aka bullshots...) and they still look worse..

Jezuz2769d ago

i like to play games and not compare

Undeadwolfy2769d ago

Im a PS3 fanboy, but I can say that KZ3 is definitely the best looking game on consoles. Battlefield 3 will come close but it will blow KZ3 away on the PC.

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Domer252770d ago

Epic is an understatement for this. The hype has begun.

Kalowest2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

That shit looks REAL

KRATOS-PS32769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I hope the fully utilize the hardware of the PS3 to achieve a great PS3-Version of this game.

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gillri2770d ago

the only online shooter im actually looking forward to

if it doesnt at very least 32 players ill be getting this on PC

having less than 64 kinda defeats the object of the Battlefield games

BlackKnight2770d ago


Consoles get 24 players, PC gets 64.

BlackKnight2770d ago

LOL how did I get a disagree? It has already been stated that this is the MP player count for the systems.

Only on N4G....

hassi942769d ago

They did say they're working on increasing the console player count as people aren't happy. But I still agreed with you as those are the official numbers as of now.

SJPFTW2770d ago

looks like we have game of the year

LunaticBrandon2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

FPSOTY more likely. Still agreed though. If any FPS gets GOTY BF3 should.

SJPFTW2770d ago

No more like GAME of the year

DanSolo2770d ago

lol ffs dude it looks good but don't start with all that game of the year shit..... people do that with every decent game that comes out...

It looks good, I'm most likely getting it, but it will be what it will be!

Klepto2770d ago

And it will be the best shooter of the century :)

hassi942769d ago


Best shooter of the century? You really do take the biscuit don't you. I guess you're right. It's not like there's almost 90 years left, the end of which you may not see in your lifetime. Though you're likely about 5 years old and life expectancy is high nowadays.

Deadman642770d ago

I doubt GOTY as well, def SHOOTER OFTY. But with Skyrim, ME3, and LA NOIRE coming out this year those are big hitters for game of the year.

But damn this game looks good.

negroguy2770d ago

I got a decent PC which could probably run this but I never played a FPS on computer. Might try it out seeing as I hear M&KB are the best.

ATiElite2770d ago

KB/m is the best. The action is faster, no auto aim so it's all skill. the most precise movements and control are KB/M. I mean is your thumb more accurate than your whole hand? No.

And don't worry if you don't know how to type it's still very easy as the WASD/shift/space bar config is very natural to hand placement. One suggestion get a 5 button mouse as that makes it even better when you config grenades, alt fire, weapons, etc. to mouse buttons.

negroguy2770d ago

Do they have the minimum requirements out yet? Tried google but didnt find it. Just saw that 64bit OS/DX11 would be good to have.

Kleptic2770d ago

haven't been released yet...but expect pretty much nothing on the market before release to be able to max it out...

If you are planning this for PC, my suggestion would be to wait until at least release to then prices will be down for any gpu that can run it...and the gpu's for getting the most out of it visually will actually be...available...haha

gillri2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

hmm its more accurate but doesnt have pressure triggers, analogue movement, force feedback or as comfy

and its takes more skill with a controller over KB/M WITH auto aim, never mind without it

take any control pad player and they will be reasonable with a KB/M

take a KB/M player and put them on a pad and watch comedy unfold

control pads are certainly harder to use and so take ALOT more skill ot master

so no ATiElite you are looking at it from a biased point of view,

Klepto2770d ago

What do you need pressure triggers for in an FPS :S Oh no my mouse doesn't rumble when I shoot it how terrible! Get over it controllers SUCK ASS for FPS

BlackKnight2770d ago

Pressure triggers are pointless for shooters, it delays your shot while a button is instant (triggers are good for racing titles, for controlling different levels of gas and brakes).

There are force feedback mice (not sure about keyboards). They just aren't popular.

I have seen analog half-keyboard products, but besides games where you need to sneak and so on, for fast paced shooters, analog movement is not a big deal. (I play with my 360 controller on my PC when I play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory since player movement speed is critical.)

And if you have a chair with arm rests and you set your chair to the right height of your desk, PC gaming is just as comfy (I play with a wireless keyboard on my lap and use my end table with a mousepad to the side of my chair for my wireless mouse, super comfy and I play on my HDTV)

A pro controller user will be wiped out by a pro mouse user. Mice have much more accuracy than a controller. Doing a near instant 180 spin to return fire but still be incredibly precise when sniping is the benefit of a mouse, with a controller, the degree of movement is much more limited.

ATiElite2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

If I wanted vibration i would;
A. lean up against the washer during spin cycle
B. buy a vibrator
C. leave my cell phone on my desk and repeatably call myself.
Big Whoop as force feedback to me is now lame. it was cool when I was like 9 years old.

The most famous person known for playing FPS is Fatal1ty One and I have never seen him use a controller only KB/M. my point of view is was not biased it was the truth. BC2 on console is a slower paced game than BC2 PC. The reaction time of console players are so long that even with me fumbling over a dam controller I was still very competitive because i'm used to KB/M where it's first sight first kill because of the speed and accuracy of KB/M gamers.

If you feel like my comment made the console feel like second string...well it is. Next gen when consoles come with KB/M add ons you'll forget this whole entire post.

hassi942769d ago

"Doing a near instant 180 spin to return fire but still be incredibly precise when sniping is the benefit of a mouse"

That's the exact kind of thing I'd hate to see in a shooter like Battlefield 3. Try spinning round in real life within half a second and firing a sniper rifle instantly when stopping within an accuracy of 5m of target. Never going to happen, not even 5m.

I quite enjoy PC gaming, and am beginning to game more on my PC by the day, but a controller is the only way to play if you want to be immersed that you're playing as someone, not just moving an aimer and clicking.

BlackKnight2769d ago


In real life I can turn around extremely fast. Most game with an analog controller spin 180 slower than a human can unless you bumped up the sensitivity to the MAX, even on a high sensitivity is still slower than real life.

Have you even tried standing up and seeing how fast you turn around? Even heard a loud sound that scared you and you turn around super quick? It takes just as long in a video game to turn around and spot some guy with your own eyes and then press the button to Aim Down Sight and start squeezing shots off.

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theonlylolking2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Keyboard sucks but the mouse is awesome for most games.

Undeadwolfy2769d ago

Ya, id like to see some sort of "pressure keyboard" where the harder you press the keys, the faster the person walks as in FPS's on PC, you can't really move in gradients of speed due to the "press to go forward, let go to stop" action.
The keyboard would be for gaming only of course.

egidem2770d ago

Once again, DICE and their work with the battlefield series simply amazes me. I can't wait for this!

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