Has Bulletstorm Revived The FPS?

TSA looks into Bulletstorm's brand new FPS mechanics.

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dangert122586d ago

Has Bulletstorm Revived The FPS?


COD Black ups sold crazy well
So did Reach
And now kz3 is out


If kz3 wasn't out would we get these articles?

The game is utter crap these reviewers complained about kz3 story yet this gets a free pass? It has no multiplayer? Reviewers complained kz3 story was short yet this is shorter and it gets a pass....

I've played this game and have brought it back to cex today for a credit note this game is CRAP and the bias media are ruining gaming

malandra2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

these "new" mechanics were used in the Bloodrayne games on the PS2

AAACE52586d ago

I think what they meant is that a lot of people have been saying that they are bored with shooters, because no matter how much better they make the graphics, sound, etc. most games feel very similar to each other.

Bulletstorm is still similar to others, yet it throws in some other things to try to keep it exciting. Call it arcadey gameplay if you will.

Orionsangel2586d ago

Just because people keep buying redundant mediocrity doesn't mean it revives anything. I find it funny how certain gamers are proud that they buy basically the same game every year. MW,MW2 and Blk ops are all interchangeable. Especially in the Multiplayer department, now most of you will disagree of course, but that's only because you're in denial, but it's true.

DragonWarrior2586d ago

Thats why you should have tried the demo. The way i figure out if a game is good or not is if my 4 year old son likes it or not. He liked Bulletstorm, enough to play it for a couple of days, but then he hasn't touched it since, which is the perfect metaphor for this game. Its a weekend shooter. Its not a bad thing, but im really sick of these noob media fairies not giving respect where its due.

TheDivine2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

It has for me. Way more fun than all the standard shooters. I loved reach, kz2, exc but forgot how much fun games used to be when they just threw as much over the top action at you as possible. People are sick of cod, buy this. Sick of kz3, buy this. Its a great game but dont buy it for the multiplayer, its ok but no deathmatch exc. Its not new but its gaming going to its roots, just fun. This is the type of game you play with friends over just laughing and passing the controller around.

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HarryMonogenis2586d ago

Revived? The FPS genre has been doing better than ever. :/

Crazyglues2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Uh, Hell No -because that game sucks... LoL

Seriously come on' I wouldn't even call that game a FPS, more like a shoot em' up comedy kick enemies and laugh at the silly design of it all..

-but to the disagrees if you like it you like no big deal, enjoy it, -but it's far from Revising FPS.. (Come On' Really)

If anything Crysis 2 will be doing that.... I just can't take Bulletstorm, serious.. So I just don't see how it could be

@ DantheMan81 - ha..ha.. much less then that.. (No offense but it's just not my type of FPS game, but if you liked it that's cool enjoy it. (and all jokes aside I played the whole demo to the end)


DantheMan812586d ago

Let me guess, you play the demo for 5 minutes.

nycrekid2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Actually I played the demo for 15 minutes and it was enough to know this is a rental or a bargain buy. 5 hours and NO mp? If you buy this full price you either have lots of money to spend or have very low standards.

ChrisW2586d ago

Geee, I didn't know FPSs need reviving.

DragonKnight2586d ago

I know, wish they would die out though. Too many of them. Market is stale.

meetajhu2586d ago

No. But Crysis 2 has

Watch in HD. Pls rate

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gravemaker2586d ago

its actually never died anyway...

OllieBoy2586d ago

First Person Shooters are making a comeback!


Cajun Chicken2586d ago

I believe it might had. All these war shooter FPS now, aren't as much fun to play as some of the classics. First Person Shooting should be about shooting, not hide and seek as they've recently become.

Bulletstorm looks like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant genre that used to be much better before it got made over complicated and based on ongoing conflicts and political agendas. Not to say it ignores modern day FPS conventions, but it embraces a few of those like rechargable health, optional duck and cover and iron sights.

Personally I knew this game was going to be for the better of the future of FPS because I tire what it is now.

Malebaria2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

I personally wouldn't say it has revived the genre as a whole. However, it's bringing something new to the table so that should definitely be commended.

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