Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Detailed

Launching alongside the game, Battlefield 3 will be getting a limited edition.

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Sanii2553d ago

Looks like I'll be getting this on the PC then.

Xfanboy2552d ago

even the standard edition is worth buying just cuz it's on PC!

metsgaming2552d ago

im jealous it seems like everyone on this site has amazing pc's where they can actually get there games running on max. U guys must spend a ton and have alot of knowledge of the pc. In that case the pc version is the best but in reality how many people out there have the hardware and the knowlege to actually run these games at max?

Shackdaddy8362552d ago

You would be surprised how little it costs and how little knowledge is required.

jdktech20102552d ago

I built a 500 dollar PC and can play most games these days on medium-high to's not bad

I've got an "outdated" card in the 4850 but it still does work....

evrfighter2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Nah most everyone who says they have a gaming pc really don't. Most are ps3 fanboys who have dells.

I've been around n4g for awhile and you kind of pickup on who the real pc gamers are here. Panda, chafont, solar,8800, ati elite to name a few sry if I missed you <3 sry. Though I believe there are some real console converts like popejohnpaul and a few others.

arjman2552d ago

I wish I could build a PC but the parts in the UK are so much more expensive than the US, an ATI 5770 costs $160 dollars here (£100) and a GTX 460 costs the equivalent of $200!!!!
Don't even get me started on Sandy Bridge processors...
'Budget PC' is a rare word around here...

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earbus2552d ago

Agreed pc is the place for this game.

bviperz2552d ago

Agreed, PC is where it's at. If it's anything like Battlefield 2 (no, not BFBC: 2) then hoo-ah!

Parapraxis2552d ago

"While the details are a bit vague, It looks like this is a PC only deal"

Then the author says

"Completing the package are classic Battlefield 2 weapons and vehicles, unique rewards, new achievements/trophies, and more"

Achievements/trophies are a little hint, the LE will be for all 3 platforms.

jdktech20102552d ago

all this is another MOH, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2 preorder incentive....not that I need one

I'm preordering as soon as I get a release date

Shmotz2552d ago

Heres to hoping the game wont use up as many resources as BF2 did on the PC.

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