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Across two console generations, Sony has been valiantly trying to get the Killzone franchise mentioned in the same breath as games like Halo and Call of Duty. Though the entries in the Killzone series have never been bad, they've also never managed to really stand apart from the sea of shooters as something special. There were high hopes that Killzone 3 would finally be the game that would get the franchise the respect it deserved, but once again the game with tons of promise falls flat. Though KZ3 is a visual treat and a somewhat entertaining romp, it's just the same old song and dance we've seen dozens of times before. Nothing to see here, please move along.

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swinesucker2616d ago

I consider myself a harsh and intelligent critic. I would not award KZ3, although it is currently my favorite game in existence, any more than an 8.5-9.0 and no game really at the moment would get this score either. 9.5s and such are saved for the very best and most innovative games out there. No game is a 10 in my book. KZ3, well at least after a couple patches, will be the definitive shooter imo and yet these people are giving this game 7s just to look cool.

Well, you just make yourself look retarded when we see 9s and 8s and even 10s for games that are clearly worse. This whole thing is a follow the leader type thing that is beyond ridiculous. Oh, look, I am a critic. I am so critical. I just gave this huge awesome game a 7. Look at me. Wow.

It would be one thing if they actually gave reasoning. Simply saying this is good this is bad is not enough. Juxtapose it with things. Get critical. These reviewers in the industry are seriously horrible at what they do. I know most of it these days is bloggers but this review here is almost better than IGN for christ. And they all are incredibly biased.

pangitkqb2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I have to agree. Killzone 3 is better than a 7 BY FAR.

These 7's are kind of blowing my mind. Having just finished the campaign - which is generally where most critical negatives have been aimed - it was better than I expected and far above a 7. Considering the multiplayer is even better...this doesn't make sense.

I also agree that there is a "popular consensus" loosely adhered to by game reviewing sites across the web. It becomes "popular" to rate a certain game certain way.

Look at the well made - but redundant and stupid - Bayonetta. Reviews were glowing, yet it just wasn't that great. It was ridiculously over sexed, repetitive, and ridiculous...yet not enough of any of those things to actually become a humorous joke.

On the other side, Medal of Honor was a solid, fun, worthwhile shooter. Again and again I saw sites degrade it's multiplayer....which was actually a great time. It was "popular" to give it a 7. It also didn't have half the performance issues of a certain other popular shooter series. I don't think MoH was a 10 game by any means, but at least an 8.6.

GrieverSoul2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

This is like food critics.
A food critic goes to a restaurant and orders something. He eats it and say its good.
NO ONE CARES and the critic looses his job!!!

A food critic goes to a restaurant and orders something. He eats it and say its horiible.
EVERYONE AND THEIR AUNTS CARE and the restaurant closes soon afterwards! The critic gets a raise because the website/newspaper sold $%&/ loads.

Its human nature to give more attention to whats wrong or bad. Something bad makes us feel better about ourselves. I played Killzone 3 a bit. I lked the game. Its a good one and if I say it people will disagree and call me a PS3 fanboy. If I said I didnt like it, people would tell to go and play Halo.

Philoctetes2616d ago

"Look at the well made - but redundant and stupid - Bayonetta. Reviews were glowing, yet it just wasn't that great. It was ridiculously over sexed, repetitive, and ridiculous...yet not enough of any of those things to actually become a humorous joke. "

But Bayonetta came out right around the time that God of War 3 dropped, so it was really important to some journalists that it score well.

NeoBasch2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Um... except Bayonetta was actually good. I liked it more than Mass Effect 2, but didn't find it to be nearly as engaging as God of War III. It could just be, you know, opinions. No wait, that couldn't be it! Who am I kidding? This is N4G.

darthv722616d ago

i like it. It plays like KZ2 which is also good. Little details GG put in there are noticeable at times. Others...not so much.

Like when rico gets rolled in that wave of water..he still comes through with his hair in tact and not a drop of wetness.

Sure that is a little thing but it would have been awesome to see that kind of attention to detail in the game. Instead of his perfect do he gets a wet head and soaked clothes.

It would have made me laugh a bit.

The game should get no less than a solid 8 but you will have those with agenda's to try and belittle it.

RedDead2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I would give it an 8/10 based only on the beta. Which is good in my books. However i've been there done that with Call of Duty, Halo, KZ2. I just can't be bothered with them any more, in a year I might pick it up. It isn't differant enough to make me buy it, KZ2 was alot differant than the regular batch because it made you play slower and gave people more life(thus creating the use of teamwork and useful medics)

Campaign, if it's anything like KZ2 I won't like it. I didn't even finish the KZ2 campaign.

BattleAxe2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I'm not quite finished the campaign yet, but I'm playing it on hard(can't remember what the difficulty level is called) and this game's campaign is fantastic. I've been reading some of these 7/10 reviews and the only conclusion that I can come to, is that these sites had set out to bash Killzone3 from the start. I can't understand where the hate for Sony comes from with some of these sites.

The graphics are absolutely mind blowing, the cut scenes are done perfectly, the pacing of the game is spot on, and I find myself caring more about the characters this time around. Based on what I've played so far, I would say this is a 9/10 game easily.

You know I keep saying this, but its funny how games like CoD and Halo get the free pass without any critical analysis, and end up getting 9.5 and 10/10 like its Holloween and the reviewers are handing out candy. Its all politics obviously though. I even had to laugh at some of the 10/10 scores that Bulletstorm got. I played the demo for that game and I was really underwehlmed but the graphics, and the gameplay wasn't anything special. It shows how screwed up the industry is when a game like Killzone3 can get a 7 or 7.5/10 with all the hard work they put into this game, and then Epic comes along with this joke of a game called Bulletstorm and gets some perfect scores from some sites. If you check out Metacritic, theres a site that actually gave Killzone3 a 6.7/10. This is absolutely shameful.

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Istanbull2616d ago

So according to the author Killzone 3 is nothing special but they get excited like little schoolgirls every year for a CoD?

RBLAZE19882616d ago

I don't get how most critics praised Black ops campaign mode but are totally shitting on killzone 3's campaign. I've had more fun in the hour and a half that I have played of Killzone 3 than I did the 2/3 campaign that I played of Black ops. Black ops is nothing more than a conveyor belt shooter with a convoluted story that switches geographical locations and time periods every 10 minutes. That's all I have to say.

sickbird2616d ago

I loved KZ3's single player. I played it for about 9 straight hours till i beat it. I couldn't put it down. I never finished black ops. Hell it usually takes me weeks to beat a game because i get so damn bored.

Ace_19752616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

7.5 lol, why not just give it 1/10 and be done with it you troll . I see this is submitted by that loner guy who also submitted the Gamesreactor Swedish 7/10 review.

Troll somewhere else pal

NukaCola2616d ago

Loner is a troll, but he still is let loose here. I miss the open zone.

fredfenster2616d ago

"Sony has been valiantly trying to get the Killzone franchise mentioned in the same breath as games like Halo and Call of Duty."

"'s just the same old song and dance we've seen dozens of times before."

Yes, because cod and halo innovate the hell out of each installment /s

LunaticBrandon2616d ago

I don't think any of them innovate. Please don't tell me you think Killzone does.

fredfenster2616d ago

I didn't say that now did I.

I just find it remarkable to see this author first claiming kz3 doesn't reach cod/halo level, and than writing kz off bc of lack of innovation. As if cod/halo are so refreshing.

DanSolo2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't think he is trying to say Killzone innovates... he is just saying that Killzone seems to get flak for NOT innovating, while the other games seem to get a free pass for NOT innovating!

lol ahh in the time that I was writing he had already said that!

redsquad2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I believe Fredfenster was quite rightly pointing out the hypocrisy that so many REFUSE to see, and how frustrating it is that, whenever someone tries to point out this very blatant hypocrisy, they get branded as "complaining" or a "fanboy".

The double standards are there for everyone to see, and I suggest that people who refuse to acknowledge them (simply because to do so would mean that their negative view of a game might be *gasp* wrong) are teetering close to "fanboyism" themselves.

jetlian2616d ago

no double standard its just a lack of quality which was never achieved. if Halo and cod are classed as 90s they don't have much room to grow.

whereas KZ is 80s and has more room. The problem is say KZ2 is 85 and KZ3 goes to 88 its still lower than Halo and COD.

So no matter what they added its still seen as a lesser game.

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turnerdc2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Not sure about Call of Duty, not really a fan of the series but Halo does add a ton of new things with each installment. I stand by Bungie whole heatedly as they've always delivered an amazing product.

Halo Reach added:

Crazy amount of Spartan customization

Space fight mission (ala Star Fox)

Matchmaking campaign co-op

Matchmaking firefight

Completely new load-out and abilitiy system

More advanced theater and file share options

Forge world 2.0 (pretty much adds the ability to create limitless game modes and maps)

I'm sure there's more but this is all I could think of off the top of my head.

I mean these are additional features that are completely new on top of the standard 9 - 15 hour campaign and amazing multiplayer. That's an AMAZING amount of content on 1 DVD! Not hating on Killzone but Halo consistently delivers with each installment. Also not saying that Killzone doesn't deliver with each installment but I just don't understand when people say every Halo game is the same. Sure the basic gameplay mechanics are for the most part unchanged but why change that when so many people love it. Anyway, I'm expecting great things from Killzone 3, I just got it from Gamefly today and will be playing it tonight!


Loner is a troll, trust me.....He also supports hacking.

negroguy2616d ago

I personally think the MP is really well done. I love operations for the cutscenes, and warzone for the dynamically changing environment. Idk if any other game has those features.

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