Killzone 3 players petition for online campaign co-op

Killzone 3 has only been available in the 'States for a split second, but already its players are petitioning for the addition of an online co-op mode for the main campaign.

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SnakeMustDie2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

split-screen online multiplayer > online campaign co-op


I guess its my opinion that i like the former one. I rather want to play with my friends in split-screen multiplayer.

LOGICWINS2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

With online co-op, I have the opportunity to play co-op with millions of players across the globe at ANY time...INCLUDING friends

With split-screen co-op, I'm limited to playing with friends I already know...and then theres the inconvenience of having to invite them over if they live far away.

This is the MAIN reason why I'm waiting to get KZ3 next year when the price comes down. I'm holding out for Resistance 3 which ALREADY looks to be the best exclusive shooter on the PS3...AND it has online co-op(a feature thats been in shooters for almost a decade)

Considering that online co-op was the most wanted addition for KZ2 in the Playstation forums...I'm shocked that GG didn't add it in KZ3!

@SnakeMustDie- Don't gt me wrong. Playing together with your friend next to you is a great experience...but in the world we live in, thats not always feasible. Its not like I can get my friend over to my house ALL the time.

Personally, I think not including this feature in KZ3 is a joke. Its BEYOND idiotic for GG to add 3D and Move support, features that 85-90% of PS3 owners won't take advantage of...yet they neglect online co-op(a feature that EVERY KZ3 player with a TV can use)

slate912706d ago

I don't understand why they can't have both? Is there a technical reason behind it?

tablav2706d ago

Personally, I only play local co-op. I find sitting down with friends playing games with a few drinks to be the real way to enjpy co-op.

I like online for things like DM, CTF etc, but I guess I just prefer my campaign experience to be seperate.

You're right though, it SHOULD be included, because just because i wouldn't use it, many people would and it wouldn't be that difficult for the devs to incorporate.

Army_of_Darkness2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You all should stop bitching about shit like this if the game already got split screen co-op, a great multiplayer and just an awesome game in general!! Give GG a [email protected]?kin break man! Stop with all this bitch crying and just enjoy the game!

Chaos692706d ago

I prefer online co-op because I hate sharing my screen (even though it's a 50")

bigevilworldwide2706d ago

Yeah and with online co-op you get rage quitting strangers, That would just be totally awesome to get halfway through a level only to have a douche bag tell you that you suck and quit randomly that's the downside of online co-op.

Redempteur2706d ago


and why not just play with someone you know , online ?

Internet exist , even if you don't have friends you can still find some decent people by lurking on the forom of teh official website..

the strangers argument doesn't hold much these days..especially when you can voice chat

Eyeco2706d ago

agreed i think Resistance 3 is gonna be much better i've got a feeling its gonna be one of the best shooters this gen.,

to me KZ3 is exactly like KZ2, GG just fixed some of the flaws of the original but left the others in( online co op, awful controls,)and added some new ones in aswell like those annoying ass infiltrators, there worse than campers in the beta everyone was playing as one. I'll get it when the price drops.

NukaCola2705d ago

Resistance did it, I am sure this is a good possibility.

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DragonWarrior2706d ago

Yeah I prefer not sharing my screen. Thats why i have 3 ps3's as well. Also, why not just have both anyways? Gesh, that was a stupid move. Adding online coop would add another 100 hours for me. I got 100 friends that i would love to play online coop with.

bigevilworldwide2706d ago

It doesn't help either that it seems like half the people on PSN don't have a headset since they don't make a 20.00 version people aren't buying them.I myself have a Triton 720s, but I've noticed it's insane the number of people that don't have ps3 headsets.So between them and the rage quitters I would rather play with someone next to me.They can't just quit.

TheFreak2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I think I read somewhere that they didn't have time to implement online coop.

joydestroy2706d ago

so here's to hoping they patch it in! don't see why not

joydestroy2706d ago

it shouldn't be hard for them to implement online co-op if there's split screen co-op already. i don't see why they didn't include it tbh

hay2706d ago

Hey, additional feature won't hurt. We could play with buddies online. I'm in.

otherZinc2706d ago

The PS3 cant do it! I've been saying that for years. The Ram is split & the PS3 isn't capable.

They would have to sacrifice graphical fidelity, then the game would look like a PS2 game: See Operation Flashpoint. The game would need to be cell-shaded to cover the ugliness of the graphics.

ravinash2705d ago

I would expect split screen to take a lot more power from the cell than online co-op would need.

JAMurida2706d ago

@ Snake

I mean I know your probably trolling to get a rise but do it somewhere else please. It's what they made youtube for.

Jaces2706d ago

Um no.

The fact that they added co-op is awesome...but splitscreen? Who does that anymore?

itsralf2705d ago

Me and my friends. We had a blast yesterday.

sinncross2705d ago

online co-op would be awesome.

that said, online split-screen would be great too. It is my fav feature of Black Ops (and R2). I get to play online but also enjoy the local mp option at the same time.

DigitalAnalog2705d ago

My brother is not an FPS/Shooter type of person, and it was the defining point for my friend to purchase the game so we both could play the main campaign together.

-End of Line

Christopher2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Logically, I can see why it's not an option. We're talking about updating the AI, physics, lighting, and more of each player and NPC through the Internet while being hosted on a single person's PS3.

This isn't really going to do well considering how much is going on and the required bandwidth connection. You'd likely run into a ton of people complaining of lag in the online co-op version of the game which is just bad press for Guerilla even though it's not their fault.

This isn't something that would be hosted on a Guerilla server, it would be hosted by one of the players, btw.

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LOGICWINS2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I'm gunna sign for future Killzone games, but I doubt they'll do anything about KZ3. If GG wanted online co-op in KZ3, they would have added it in.

For now, my money is reserved for Resistance 3 and Battlefield 3.

R2D22706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I will sign it becasue every one deserves a right wing man.

LOL at your avater - I can picture you saying sign it, all of you, with that look on your face.

@Below - No one is saying that the game sucks or that Sony is evil. We just want a feature that we have been asking for since KZ2.

ugo2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )


Rainstorm812706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

ADD custom soundtracks and 2x the kills in Guerrilla warfare and you tell me where to sign bud...

Shani2705d ago

I wanted offline co-op and I got it.
Would also love online co-op so going to sign it for sure.

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ugo2706d ago

i am sure bot fans, are the ones signing the petition

ChristianGamer2706d ago

The conspiracy continues...explain to me why bots would want to sign a petition that improves Killzone. . .?

MrBeatdown2706d ago

"The conspiracy continues..."

LMAO... so this is what you Xbox-loving trolls consider to be a conspiracy? One guy saying something stupid, even though the vast majority of people commenting (mainly PS3 fans) disagree?

You trolls must be getting desperate for material.

The_Ultimate_Guy2705d ago

So now saying "conspiracy" is trolling....smh

Pixel_Enemy2706d ago

Yeah that was just dumb ugo..

DlocDaBudSmoka2706d ago

to the 2 above me. maybe he was talking about botzone, in kz3. idk he might not have been, just pointing that out.

NickN4G2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

They put 47GB worth of content on the disk and people still petition. Never happy. Look they will put online co-op campaign in Killzone 4, just enjoy Killzone 3 for what it is.

Rainstorm812706d ago

if you dont voice your opinion nothing will change

BlackKnight2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

9GB was the game.

41.5GB is the actual disc space used. After the 9GB of actual game data, the rest of the space was cutscene videos.

"There are over 32GB of video sequences stored on the Blu-ray disc, with game data accounting for around 9GB, all powered by a 20MB executable."

Not much content actually.

Also, content and features are completely different. Being able to play a game coop is about the right netcode to get it working while content is the length of a game and the amount of MP maps and so on.

Redempteur2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

sorry but that's still a lot .. isn't this content used by the game ? that's not dummy data ..or were the cutscènes not important ? it's not like the Full game support 3D ( even the cutscènes )

BlackKnight2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

It is almost 33GB of video. Not textures (video is basically an animated texture if you will, not the best term to use though), not sound files (just 1 sound file, the audio track), no AI code, no physics, nothing.

Its just HD video, an animated image and a sound track. It is all pre-rendering and cannot be used for the game. The game data is the 9GB. The reason it is a lot of space (the 32GBs) is because to encode the video with very little compression, so you stop compression artifacts from showing up, like in youtube. Essentially you are watching a high-quality youtube HD video, much higher quality than youtube. It's like watching a movie, cause that's what the cutscenes are in KZ3, just video. The PS3 is just playing a video, it is rendering nothing.

Hope that clears it up.

Redempteur2706d ago

and my point of view is unchanged .
First 9gb of data is still a lot.
Second cutscenes are part of the game .

Last time i checked, final fantasy 13, uncharted 2and god of war 3 have the same system ( lots of videos to load the levels during the cutscenes ) and nobody complained ..

it's like complaining that MGS4 has a lot of voices ( more than 15gb if my memory is correct ) and thus do not count .. THEY COUNT !! voices , cutscenes , everything !! That's a part of the game

BlackKnight2706d ago


9GB is not alot. GTA4 on PC was 15GB of game data. And all cutscenes are in-engine, not video.

Imagine how many MP maps you could have if you just took 10GB away from the 33GB of video. We are talking 15-30 maps depending on the size of the maps and shared texture/geometry in the levels. THAT is real content.

Also, I don't think most PS3 gamers know that GOW3, UC2 and so on use video for nearly all cutscenes. They think it's the actual PS3 rendering it all...

PS, I own all systems just in case that is brought up. Stating facts around here is dangerous...

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crazyturkey2706d ago

This was probably the weirdest design decision that Guerrilla Games made. I just can't understand why they didn't include online co-op in the game.

mightyboot2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

You will understand when they say something back.


“We considered online co-op, but there comes a point where you say, ‘Will it be diluted if we push forward, or is it going to require the same resource that’s needed for the competitive online multiplayer?’ We chose what the core team found to be the most pleasant online experience, and that’s sitting with a pal on the couch.”


BlackKnight2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

That doesn't make sense, you sacrifice more image quality, A LOT, when you go split screen. When you do coop online, each persons PS3 does the rendering for the TV it is connected to. The only information that is exchanged is netcode. Netcode is player positions and whether they are shooting or walking and so on, enemy positions and same data as players, projectile location and direction and speed, if physics is synced (which is not kept in sync if the physics is non-interactive, meaning it doesn't affect player/enemy/projectile movement) it will update that, and vehicles positions and related data. This is how MP works too. Based on the positional, directional and velocity data that the PS3's send back and forth to each other, your PS3 (or PC or xbox, works the same) and your friends' PS3's rendering images based on that information.

While splitscreen, you lose screen space and resolution, no 3D support (splitscreen is similar to 3D, each view point is just 1 eye from each player instead of 2 eyes for one player), no move support (not that I would care because I don't like move), and RIDICULOUS pop-in.

Gimmie my CO-OP online so I can play with my friends that live 120 miles away and my 2 cousins in Arizona (I am in Los Angeles).

Also, why not have BOTH. Like Halo games (which even MIXES splitscreen/online coop) Gears of war, L4D 1/2 (also mixes splitscreen and online coop). I am by no means a fanboy, but just happens to be those are games with great coop support.