Eurogamer: Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together review

Eurogamer: Did Yasumi Matsuno jump or was he pushed? The truth behind the departure of the game designer – whose work includes such heavyweight classics as Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics – from Square Enix, three quarters of the way through the development of Final Fantasy XII, may never be known.

The company claimed it was due to illness, while insiders pointed to a growing rift between the producer and other executives. Regardless, whether due to infection, disaffection or a non-compete clause in his severance package – and other than having a hand in the script for Platinum Games' MadWorld – it appeared as though Matsuno had left game-making for good.

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Istanbull2768d ago

Oh the nostalgia! I hope they make a sequel on the PS3! :)

ComboBreaker2768d ago

I missed this back then.
Gonna try it out.