New Middleware for NGP Announced

CRI Middleware have announced a new middleware for NGP development, the CRI ADX 2, which is also compatible with the PS3 and PSP.

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yewles12646d ago

What? They already showed MT Framework and Unreal Engine 3 and PS Meeting.

lalalala2646d ago

Have seen that logo in sooo many games, does Blops use it too?

Masterchef20072646d ago

The first thing that pops in my mind when i see the logo is Crytek lol

Burning_Finger2646d ago

Very Nice!! More third party developers supports.

Elven62646d ago

Fun fact, CRI is a company owned by CSK, the former owners of SEGA until 2003 (and the ones who support them during their consoles days). People think the company disappeared/left gaming after the founder passed away but there still in it. It's also why so many Dreamcast games made use of CriWare.

TheColbertinator2646d ago

These guys have made decent engines.Persona 3 and 4 used engines from CRIware

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