Bethesda Announced a First "Possible" Reward For Your Skyrim Baby

Pete Hines announced a possible reward for all who begets a Skyrim child. This reward would be awesome...

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Kon2551d ago

"There it was said that those who are on 11 November 2011 have a child and it Dovahkiin, so Dragon Born in the language of the game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim call, receive a reward"

Can someone please explain me this paragraph?

RedDead2551d ago

It's a good prize, but the cost of the prize is far too much to anyone who isn't from scandinavia or Eastern europe and Russia. If your from either of those 3 the name isn't so bad .

Oldsnake0072551d ago

If your child is born on the release date of Skyrim and you name it Dovahkin you will receive a special reward from Bethesda.

Ace_19752551d ago

I really don't understand this contest. Isn't it child abuse to name your kid after some in game character just so you can win a prize?. I think it's kind of sick to be honest and I really didn't expect this kind of child abuse from Bethesda.

Zinc2551d ago

No... it is not child abuse.

Simco8762551d ago

lol Old or not, this is crazy.

I guess it would be nice to get games for free for the rest of the kids life.

If the company goes under though... your stuck with a kid named Dovahkiin

ASSASSYN 36o2551d ago

Yeah because we all know it is impossible to change your childs name. s/c


Ace_19752551d ago

If I gave you $50,000 and told you to name your kid Shit for brains, would you do it?. Well that's what Bethesda is asking people to do.

Zinc2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

No, they are saying if you name the kid Dovahkiin, we will give you and your child stuff. That is not the same as naming your kid 'Shit For Brains', not even close. For you to try and make a comparison between those two names, shows your lack of understanding of just how not alike those two names are.

One is clearly derogatory and the other is just a unique and largely uncommon name. How is that hurting anybody, least of all the child?

I think having a name that means 'dragon born' is rather interesting. For some, it might be better than being named after your grandpa or some band your parents liked when they were young or a character in a book.

SuperStrokey11232551d ago

i actually had a good laugh on that.

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