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Thrillhouse2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

YouTube mirror, as the site is taking long to load:

DICE were not joking around about their engine updates! Looks incredible!

Winter47th2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

This's far & beyond what I ever imagined the game would look like. This's Next-gen right there!

Dedicated servers, an outstanding engine & the most amazing sound design yet gives Call of Duty a run for its mon...well maybe not money, but a run in everything else!

I'll buy it on consoles & PC.


kancerkid2158d ago

The guy at the end has brass knuckles on...

Epicor2158d ago

Agreed! This looks amazing!

And I love those Nine Inch Nails -style sound effects in that trailer.

Pixel_Enemy2158d ago

This engine looks AMAZING! I hope this is enough to force Activision not to reuse the COD4 engine again for the 5th time and make something new.

CryWolf2158d ago

I got to say it looks Awesome!!! far better then Battlefield 2 graphics are, now this is Next-Gen game engine its almost compare to Crysis 2 Crytek engine 3 technology and with Dedicated servers its a buy for multiplayer Amazing Job EA/Dice.

guitarded772158d ago

The lighting looks amazing.

NiKK_4192158d ago

holy s**t, tell me this is real gameplay and not bs, it looks amazing if so
hopefully it looks at least close to this on consoles also

aCasualGamer2158d ago

I laughed so hard at the end when he screamed "Kristoffer!"

Hahaha, any swede will understand why.

inveni02158d ago

If that's gameplay, I'm sold. I'll even pick it up for PC instead of PS3. If the engine looks THAT good, then it'll be worth the boost in graphics the PC will give. From a guy that would rather have ice picks shoved down his pee hole than game and work in the same chair, that's saying something.

Redman222158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Yeah this shit looks amazing homie. Sony/PS3 and DICE a match made in heaven.

Enjoy your COD gentlemen. lmao!

BloodyNapkin2157d ago

So they have gotten rid of the hud i assume?

evrfighter2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

to Dice and my fellow pc gamers.

see you on the battlefield.

you can do just about anything if you have access to the command line interface. Getting rid of the hud is as old as apple pie if you have console access.

hassi942157d ago

"Yeah this shit looks amazing homie. Sony/PS3 and DICE a match made in heaven. "

Yeaaaah this is the PC version mate.

Sarcasm2157d ago

Holy balls I cant wait to fire this game up on the PC.

HolyOrangeCows2157d ago

The typical teaser with 2 second clips between static-effect transitions.


ABizzel12157d ago


But the game looks great. I thought 2011 was going to be an easy year for GOTY Best Graphics, but my goodness more and more games continue to come out that look absolutely stunning.

Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Rage, and now Battlefield are fighting for the best looking shooter spot, and it's amazing.

BloodyNapkin2157d ago


Why would you remove the hud from a "gameplay" video.

Dee_912157d ago

that wasnt gameplay
unless in the final version
there will be no huds at all in the real gameplay

Aither2157d ago

Crysis has just been surpassed. But... people do realize that they're probably going to need another super computer from the future to play this right?

Redman222157d ago


Where the fuck in my post did I say it was the PS3 version? Did I even suggest that much? No! I'm talking about the relationship that DICE has with Sony and the PS3.

The funny thing about Xboxers sweatin' BC3 balls right is that this same time last year they were talking mad shit about BC2 and now they're all like "yeah buddy this shit dope" GTFO.

Expect the PS3 to get special treatment and exclusive content from DICE.

Yeah buddy!

starchild2157d ago


Expect the PS3 version to get "special features" like extra screen tearing, blurrier textures, and more slowdown.

PC is the place to play this game. PS3 is the last place I would play most multiplatform games.

Crazyglues2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

This Game will Destroy all FPS that came before it... -_-) Absoultely Amazing...


Dee_912157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

yea dont tell them that
wait till the real gameplay come out
and watch all the reactions lol

why would they intentionally turn hud off if they wanted everybody to think this was gameplay ?

JohnnyBadfinger2157d ago

I just had a Frank Barone moment.

Looks too good to be true so i will stay skeptical until i've seen more

starchild2157d ago

Battlefield 3 is closer to photo-realism than any game before it.

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lastdual2158d ago

Holy crap at the lighting.

The visuals look like a huge jump, and all that while giving us even more destructibility....Can't wait!

meetajhu2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Yeah the lighting looks extraordinary especially the place those soldiers run in an alley.

BattleAxe2157d ago

Lets wait to see more than a 2 second flashes of cutscenes before we come to any conclusion.

BloodyNapkin2157d ago

Agree Battklaxe, people are losing their mind of action sequences in a game that is not real gameplay. But it does use the in game engine to render those scenes.

Aither2157d ago

You're right this is an extreme visual jump. Just like Crysis truly this shows the future start of what next gen will be.

However my main concern is what type of computer we will have to play this? Hopefully we can play it without having to break the bank.

starcb262157d ago

After I go to college i'm investing in a really good pc.

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Yi-Long2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

... really can't wait. I hope this will be as easily accessible as Battlefield 2 and 1943 though.

I don't like the whole perks and unlockables crap.

HobbsCanuck2158d ago

I think I might buy an unsold "Limited edition" copy of MoH just to get the beta for it (should be easy).

JEEBUS! That is sick shit. I hope it looks almost that good on consoles. Bad Company 2 had shitty textures and bland buildings, but great lighting, effects, sound.

RedDead2158d ago ShowReplies(2)
ATiElite2158d ago

You know we tried to be fair and balanced. We gave you guys all the commercials and media attention. We let you dance in the streets and celebrate your glorious games and consoles. We even kept silent when you all pronounced regime change. we even faked our own death and pronounced ourselves dead.

Battlefield 3 PC....The King is Back! Heads will roll. You know what you just saw. The true power of PC Gaming...muh ha hah ah hha ahhh!

specialguest2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Many moons ago, BF franchise ruled supreme and PC gaming reign mighty and true. As the old king retired, weaken from old age, the "newcomers", unchecked and unchallenged skirmished for position. Amongs the chaos and disorder, one franchise emerged from the dust of battle to rule them all, COD:MW.

COD during it's first year of rule won the hearts and minds of many. It ruled with good noble intentions and its popularity rised like yeast on bread. Little did we know that with great loyalty from the people comes great power to be had. Druken with power and greed, the COD franchise demanded more, yet offered little. The people pleaded for justice and fairness, but the cries of despair fell on deaf ears.

Many heroes and champions of good rised up, attempting to challenge the COD franchise, yet all failed to dethrone this tyrant. Now the sleeping giant has awoken from a 5 year slumber to restore order and righteousness, and reclaim its land and kingdom.

The king is back! Sound the trumpets. Send word to the farthest reaches of the four corners of the land. The king is back!

frostypants2158d ago

Looks good.

Hopefully Dice won't take 4 years to patch this one properly like they did with BF2.

b163o12158d ago

Good, he thinks were zombies(Peter Griffin voice)

Kalowest2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Thank you sir, for the very powerful speech.
All Hail The KING

DeadIIIRed2157d ago

Hmmm...haven't done PC gaming since MOH: Allied Assault. I remember the true power of PC gaming as being able to bankrupt me every six months; did that change? Haha just messing with you. Enjoy your well deserved glory day in the sun PC gamers, hopefully those of us on consoles won't get too gimped

gman_2972157d ago


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FinalSpartan2158d ago


frostypants2158d ago

Stop drooling, man. :-)

That's not console graphics, I promise you. That's the PC version, probably running on a freakishly high end rig.

I'll get some disagrees, but I 110% guarantee that I'm right.

Though I'm sure the console version will look good. But I just don't see a cross-platform title becoming the console graphics king.

damnyouretall2158d ago

yeah thats the pc graphics. but i wouldnt be suprised if the console versions will max out the hardware and it will be the best lookin console game to date. man im ready for the next gen. i just cant afford a high end pc right now.

Kalowest2158d ago


LMFAO, no other comment.

esemce2157d ago

Cos Its the PC version!.

esemce2157d ago

The console version will run at 30fps and have low rez textures no doubt.

BloodyNapkin2157d ago


Right on what? Doesnt take much to render a pre rendered action scene. When we get actual gameplay with hud and such then we can say what is and what isnt.

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JsonHenry2158d ago

Damn, it is sooooo good to be a PC gamer sometimes!!!

frostypants2158d ago

"Sometimes" being the key word in recent years.

JsonHenry2157d ago

Yeah, programming for this generations consoles has really held the PC back more than ever in the last 4-5 years. :/

BloodyNapkin2157d ago


What he meant to say was. Developers was tired of losing money on PC cause of everyone stealing so they have to make money on the consoles.

annus2157d ago


Yeah because there was so many people playing online with a pirated/'stolen' copy... PC isn't a console. Requires a legit CD key to play online, unless you want to hit up private servers which are just a joke.

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B-Real2062158d ago

I almost want to pick up a new copy of MOH so I can get into the beta. Hopefully there are other ways in. I can not wait till this game drops. It looks fucking amazing!!!!

DigitalAnalog2158d ago

Looks like Crytek is not the only one trying to raise their visual bars on PC. Damn, I'm still saving up for my 460!

-End of Line

ATiElite2158d ago

I understand your budget but if possible I would go with the Gigabyte 560 GTX Super Over Clock. pound for price it's the best card out. clocked at 10000mhz it totally destroys all other 460 and 560 gtx cards.

it's $269 but if that's out of your budget then hold off until Mid March when the 550 GTX is released. it will be under $200 and provide more power than a 460 GTX.

DigitalAnalog2158d ago

Thanks for the heads-up. It's releasing the day before my b-day which would make it double-sweet.

Thing is, it's rumored to perform the same as the 460 768MB, but the fact that it's going to be less than $200 is a far more attractive offer.

-End of Line

damnyouretall2158d ago

even though the console versions are dumbed down it still doesnt look bad. what the fuck is your standards anyways? crysis 2 rocks even at its lowest settings. so will battlefield

DigitalAnalog2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

"Doesn't look bad", is NOT the reason why I don't like the console versions. Unlike many of the multiplat ports, these games can literally jump ahead above the consoles in a "next-gen" fashion.

If you were given a game between a PSP port or a PS3 version, what would you choose? You can see right off the bat that 'generation' difference could easily mar the games potential experience. After viewing the trailer, it is quite evident that B3 and Crysis 2 were MEANT to be played on PC's. No more, no less. Console versions are like the GOW: GoS on the PSP. Amazing tech for the device but it just can't beat the actual experience.

-End of Line

nanometric2157d ago

I would suggest you to buy two MSI Cyclone or ASUS DirectCU GTX 460 1GB (or even 768MB if you are really low on money) and put them in SLI, that combo kicks 480's a$$. + you can OC them both too.
p.s. only drawback is that 460's can only do two way SLI, so that's something to keep in mind :)

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psman0122158d ago

Agreed! I think it looks fantastic, but I wish the flashing screen effect wasn't used as much... there was only less than 10 seconds of actual game footage shown, haha.

Domer252158d ago

Thanks for the link. +bubbs up

This and Arma 2 is why I want a gaming rig. Love this engine!

Kon2158d ago

Arma 2 is somewhat light, i have no problems running it.