MMGN: Dragon’s Lair Review

MMGN: Dragon’s Lair is an historically significant video game, sporting exceptionally eye-catching graphics, for its time. Its remake for the PSN remains as true to the original experience as possible; unfortunately, this means the game has next to no prescribed action.

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NickN4G2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I used to play Dragon's Lair games on my Commodere 64. They were bastard hard and required reflexes of ligtning speed. And they weren't very good when you think about it. But I loved them damn games. Those graphics were so good for the time.

I remember this one stage that had you running away from a giant boulder that was right behind you, and you had to jump over holes in the ground. It scared the life out of me more than any game like Dead Space because one wrong move on the controller and you were squashed to death. And you only got like 3 lives for the whole game. No save points. This is how you create tension in games.

In those days their was serious gameplay balancing issues in lots of games. Some were just so hard or broken it was impossible to reach the end, but it was the early days of gaming and I think gamers were happier back then. You get bitching and moaning now about every game, I don't remember that when I was a young lad. We just played games and had fun

darthv722729d ago

My cousin worked for a game dismantling company and he gave me the actual laserdisc from the game. Surprisingly, my pioneer laseractive (CLD-A100) was able to play the disc from beginning to end. You couldnt actually "play" the game. Just watch it.

I have since gotten it on DVD and even the DSi (that one is impressive). People who think this game will suddenly be something better than it always was are fooling themselves. Graphically it is very smooth but it is the same game us older gen gamers played in arcades.

It is a game of reactive movement...not active. Space Ace, Cobra Command, Cliff Hanger, etc are all fun throwbacks to the glory days of the arcade but sadly...nothing more.

MadMax2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Thats pretty cool that it played on your laserdisc player. My buddy picked up a player for $5 at a thrift store, working one at that. I remember playing Cliff Hanger all the time at a local Numero Uno pizza when i was 16. Cobra Command, i havent heard that one in years! There was also a pretty cool animated western one too, i forget the name.

There is an arcade emulator called Daphne, that plays all the old school laserdisc games. I have Cliff Hanger for it, kinda big files. My old good friend which was was my neighbor, his older brother did the voice for Dirk the Daring in Dragons Lair. His name is Danny Molina, cool guy.

I remember being a kid and Dragons Lair being one of my favorite games at the time. Going over to their house and seeing Dragons Lair and Space Ace posters in his room. He gave me one, of course it got lost! i Remember him tellin me about Don Bluth and working on Dragons Lair.

He was a pretty funny dude! Good ole days, have it on Blue ray now and never wouldve imagined playing it in the luxury of my own home years later.

Balt 2729d ago

I love the Dragon's Lair franchise. I just got Space Ace for Ps3 last night and quickly, finally after many years, beat it. 20 bucks for Dragon's Lair & Space Ace, 2 incredible journey's down memory lane -- Who wouldn't be in for that if they grew up in the era they were relevant?

Close_Second2729d ago

If it was a couple of dollars I'd pick it up but its not worth $20 NZD.

I remember when the game was released it looked better than anything else out there. However, the gameplay has always been pretty non-existent offering slightly more control than a VCR.

Jockamo2729d ago

considering it came out in the 80s, i think it's quite an achievement.

for them to charge this much for a game that came out in the 80s, though, is highway robbery

anasurimbor2729d ago

Haha... what a stupid review.

Whitefox7892729d ago

Had it on my Windows 95 I was so confused when I was younger cause I would start the game, a movie played, and then I died. It was until later my neighbor discovered you had to press a button to perform an action while the movie was playing. Hello father to QTE's!