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Feckles2643d ago

Sooner than I thought, but in November it would have been up against some pretty big titles: Uncharted 3 and Skyrim in particular.

Philoctetes2643d ago

Gears 3 is pretty well guaranteed to sell regardless of what it goes up against. I doubt they were too worried about the holiday competition when they picked this release date.

Feckles2643d ago

Oh, I agree with you but I'm also happy that the year's big games are nicely spread out now.

tehpees32643d ago

This is the big announcement?

And its been posted twice >_>

R2D22643d ago

Why would UC hurt Gears sales? Last I checked those games were exclusive to each console.

You just had to mention UC in a Gears article.


tobysims2643d ago

Has nothing to do with games not even on the platform especially games that don't even have big followings. This has to do with whatever titles they have yet to announce for this year. The holiday release was just a place holder.

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SuperMassiveGav2643d ago

Hmmm… September. That's my favourite month after July, August, February and May. And June.

TimmyShire2643d ago

That's earlier than I had expected... beats all the other main shooters that will out around then...

TheGreatIndonesia2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

in sales maybe... but in metacritics uncharted will blow any other shooters out of water in my humble opinion

elmaton982643d ago

Hey man no ps3 exclusive get a high score even if it is one of the greatest

jdrman20072643d ago

uh... didn't UC2 get a record amount of perfect scores? (or at least pretty damn close with around 25)

SteveB3602643d ago

Good call on the release date. November is rammed with AAA games.

Hands Up For Games2643d ago

Sorry Mr Dyslexic.

Thats Gears of War 3!!

This year is going to be a cracker come Fall time :)!!

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The story is too old to be commented.