Sony's Latest Marketing Push: "Only On PlayStation"

For the last year or so, PlayStation 3 commercials have ended with a similar phrase emphasizing the system's many functionalities: "It Only Does Everything." In 2011, they'll be shifting gears to a new message that they want on gamers minds.

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lordkemp0072704d ago

I am not sure about that tag line.

It should be 'Not available on our rival competitor's DVD player prone to faults, who also charge you to play your games online.'

That sounds snappier.

awiseman2704d ago

If you raise your product thats fine, but when you start bashing the opponent it just comes of as cocky and lame. Let me show you what I mean. This is an HTC commercial. Ipad commerical

Which sounds cockier? Which product would you be more likely to buy?

mrv3212704d ago

I threw up at the Ipad comercial, MY GOD. It's just so... weird. I mean firstly let's advertise both cropping and wireless printing two feature WE ALREADY HAVE. and let's face IT if you have a printer why not work on an actual keyboard instead of the Ipad current solution which is 'The best of a bad situation'

Now they called it VITAL! It's not it's a $600+ excuse to loo kposh with you starbucks ( wait that's not the thing anymore is it? ) how about your Costa coffee. It's a tool, much like you for buying it despite the fact you only use the internet, the apps are quite pointless. Maybe I'm out of date but my £11 AM/FM radio has gold on it and that's all I need.

IDEAS? WHAT THE HELL. I have an idea, to make a better comercial, and guess what I didn't need an idea.

Multitasking? Really? Untill we get to PC circa 2000 level of computing, but hey maybe I'm demanding too much for a $600 device which doesn't even cost them $200 when it gets to the store most likely

Facts and Figures? WAW, I have NEVER seen ANYONE EVER EVER use a Ipad or iPhone for unrecreational purposes, no one in uni goes, I need a physics disotation in by monday, I'll do it on my iPad it'll be rad.

Amazing? A RIP-OFF!

The-Tentacle2704d ago

The worst thing a company can do in my eyes is boast about sales.

It's like saying "look how much money I have!"

Kyur4ThePain2704d ago

Mrv, I highly doubt you'll be writing any kind of "disotation" soon. By the way, I had to type that a few times as my iPad kept auto-correcting the word. Maybe you should invest in one after all...

mrv3212704d ago

English is not my first language, but don't you look smart, I mean you've made an assumption on someone inteligence solely based on the quality of their spelling.

How you Egyption? Bad you say? Well your stupid./logic

malandra2703d ago

since "exclusive" apparently doesn't mean what it used to then this will have to do

Kyur4ThePain2703d ago

So where exactly did I call you stupid? I'm saying your spelling might improve if you used something with auto-spelling.
Way to make assumptions yourself.

inveni02703d ago

I own and love my iPhone 4. I've been with iPhone since the 3G. I only know two people that have Android devices. I know over two dozen with iPhones.

So, yeah...Apple's campaign definitely works better. Whether or not it's the better product is another topic.

Montrealien2703d ago

If you have a good product to sell, go for it. Sony has a great lineup this year and they are more then welcome to flaunt it!

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badz1492704d ago

is this new? this has been around for some time, right? I think I've been hearing this phrase in many PS3 game commercials since last year

ATiElite2704d ago

well it's about got dam time!! Sony's PS3 advertising department is about dumb. they should of been doing this last year when the onslaught of PS3 Exclusives started rolling off the assembly line.

this is a very late response to Microsoft who has been showing commercials talking about exclusive DLC or gun or whatever only on the 360. Sony really needs to PUMP up the volume on their exclusives because these are some of the finest games ever made.

Masterchef20072703d ago

Lol thats funny. Its like this

Microsoft: We got exclusive timed DLC for our games beat that

Sony: Well we might not have that but we do have exclusive games and a lot of them.

egidem2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

You know, you have to admit of how much Sony has accomplished so far. They launched the PS3 at a hefty price, with only 14 titles available and Microsoft had a 1 year head-start and they had all the exclusive games and wildly growing fan base.

On Sony's side, the odds were against them. Sure their console was expensive but if you look at what the PS3 brings, it shows that they "thought ahead" while Microsoft just wanted to get to the market first.

Replaceable hard drives: If your 60GB is too small, take it out and put in any other of your choice. Wireless controllers: No one wants to keep on changing their Alkaline batteries. Built-in Wifi: Forget about cables to the router. Blu-Ray!...what do you do when (in my friend's case) your Xbox 360 badly scratches your Disc 1 of your 3 discs of Final Fantasy XIII when you're just starting to play the game?

Fast forward to 2011: Microsoft killed most of its studios, sleeps with 3rd party studios for timed DLC, Kinect is selling like hot cakes and the PS3 has Kevin Butler, a cool list line of games available "Only on PlayStation" and my wallet is empty and we haven't even gone deep into the year yet.

That, is one hell of a comeback for Sony, an astonishing accomplishment I might add.

Masterchef20072703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Whats sad is that microsoft took a step backwards with some aspects of the 360 (for ex not every console having a hardrive). And Sony has learnt a lot from microsoft (Xboxlive, standard HDD)

egidem2703d ago

Someone on a different article mentioned that they (Sony) should advertise that PSN is a free service and there is no yearly premium to pay like Xbox Live...I wonder why they haven't done that.

Christopher2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Eh, don't they already do this in their exclusive titles already? Even microsoft does this for their exclusive titles at the end of each commercial by flashing a specific logo and a few words of "exclusively on" or "only on/with/for" and so on.

As long as this "marketing campaign" is merely a focus for their exclusive titles and not a transition away from selling the PS3 for more than just exclusives, I don't see this changing much.

bviperz2703d ago

Oh SNAP, you're right!

Snap, get it?

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LOGICWINS2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I think its LEAGUES better than the old tag line. The "It only does everything" thing was dumb and pompous IMO. No gaming console can do everything. Ud have uninformed parents questioning whether it does Mario or Halo.

The "Only on Playstation" thing DIRECTLY takes a snap at the PS3's competitors.

@lordkemp007- You know what I find weird. Why doesn't Sony advertise that theres no yearly fee to play online on the box? Seems like the obvious thing to do. I guarantee that most 360 owners in America believe that the PS3 ALSO has a yearly fee.

SoapShoes2704d ago

Um.... I don't think anyone ever thought it literally did everything... It wasn't to be taken literally but it had truth in that it has something for everyone.

B1663r2704d ago

Earlier today on one of the game blogs I saw where some dude made a weird sciency thing with a move controller and a record player, but whatever it did was way above my head, I guess it made charts that looked all squiggly or something like that. But anyhow there was way more math involved than anything we have seen with kinect hacks.

Loner2704d ago

I thought they used that slogan before

fredfenster2704d ago

PS3 owners have been saying that for a while :p

Masterchef20072703d ago

ZOMG they stole it from us lets sue sony so we can get some money to buy their exclusives lol

Parapraxis2704d ago

They do on their Exclusive title box arts.


Yeah but they'll now use it to end ads of all those exclusive games, like they do in all TV Ads with "It Only Does Everything". The idea is to let the consumer know that they have a bucket load of exclusives coming and looks like they couldn't had choose a better year to do that.

If they do this combined with a price cut and more TV ads could lead to a huge surge in sales. We'll have to wait and see.

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blumatt2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Only on PlayStation tells consumers that its exclusives are only on PlayStation, not on the 360 or PC, but just the PS3. It's a good tagline and informative to less-informed consumers.

Now, all they need to put on their commercials is "Free Online Multiplayer" and they will sell even more.

Exactly. PS3 exclusives are almost all TRUE exclusives, much like most Nintendo exclusives. They don't go to PC, basically. (except through emulators. lol)

kramun2704d ago

Yes, it's almost like when Nintendo say 'Only on Nintendo'. It tells the consumer that it's 'only on Nintendo'.

It's really clever and very informative to less-informed consumers.

guigsy2704d ago

"Only on PlayStation tells consumers that its exclusives are only on PlayStation"

How long did it take you to figure that out?

Nevertheless, Nintendo and Microsoft have been putting these slogans on their games for ages. Better late than never I suppose.

adamx2704d ago

actually ps3 exclusives have had that on the cover for a couple years already.

blumatt2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

"How long did it take you to figure that out?"

lol Don't be a smart A$$. haha :-)

Anyway, I just think it's smart of them to put this on their commercials so people know they have to have a PS3 to play these titles. Smart business move.

supremacy2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I fully agreed with you, and i believe had Sony done this say when metal gear solid 4 released it would had sold more hardware through software, but i understand why they chose to go with "it only does everything"

I mean the ps3 was a very expensive investment and they Sony are an electronics company first, gaming company second so that made sense at the time.

Though i agreed with most on here that the "only on" phrase has been used by rivals before and can still be found on box and covers.

One must actually look at what it did for the 360, it had a certain amount of un-inform people believe that games like call of duty and GTA4 were exclusive to that platform.

The media has a bigger influence on people than the actual game covers themselves.

This is by far the best move they could have done campaign wise, specially in a year where they have so many exclusives coming out.

MLB the show is right now the best selling baseball game out there, thanks in part to its sheer quality and kevin butler cameos. But if people were told from the get go, hey "Only on PlayStation"

Than they would go, ahhh" ok, "well how much is a ps3?"

And this is where the jailbreak clean up kicks in the form of old hardware (clean up)bargain prices via a price drop and the introduction off a new un-hacked sku comes into affect thus triggering both hardware and software sales.

48 million ps3's and out of those a fair portion will start receiving the ban hammer here and there, forcing people who want access to the network to buy the new units, or if those old units go bust or break down. Sony would gladly replace their old busted system with a new 300gb ps3, like they did with my friends fat 60gb for a new slim ps3.

Of course this all makes perfect sense in many ways, protect the console, kill the parasites and use this new slogan to help push the sales of your first and 3rd party exclusives.

No better way to send this message than through the tube itself. Also i feel that Sony should use this marketing scheme with the NGP come fall and next year. Send the message, and make it clear to the consumer, this i am sure will change things.

clearelite2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

They need to use the "new slogan" and drive into peoples heads the games that are available and simultaneously let people know what the PS3 can do. Most people still don't know all of it's features and their marketing here in the states has been horrendous. I don't know if it's part of their plan or strategy, but as a BIG Playstation fan, I would love to see people be more well informed about these things.

BTW: Their KZ3 marketing was okay here in the states and I think they are getting ready to turn the heat up.

Edit: Actually, I think they do have a plan. They mentioned profitability coming first and they are not even halfway through their 10+ year proposed life-cycle of the system.

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