PlayStation Home: Sony's silent money-maker

In just two years PlayStation Home has gone from just a virtual world to a vibrant games platform.

If someone asked you to name all the PlayStation platforms, you know the obvious answers. PS3, PSP, PSN, perhaps Minis, and Move if you’re going to be picky – and then there’s PSP2 and the upcoming Xperia Play.

What some may forget is Home.

Now two-years old, the online service – which today mixes social and community functions with a platform for smaller, more casual and instantaneous games – has blossomed.

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mushroomwig2769d ago

The service has definitely grown by leaps and bounds since it was first launched, I may have to give it another go!

MAiKU2769d ago

Yeah if you stop for awhile and go back in and update, there are usually some drastic changes. Especially for the amount of spaces available.

Active Reload2769d ago

Do you still have to download sections to access them? I haven't been on there since they changed the music playlist.

MAiKU2769d ago

Yeah, but they're much faster than they were before. There's a new method to how they do it for the sections.

Redempteur2769d ago

everyone that is still using home know by how much it improved ...

Persistantthug2769d ago

I hadn't been on in a few months, and there's all kinds of cool things to see.

yewles12769d ago

I would like to check out Home again when I have a better, more sustainable connection.

chase1672769d ago

been say that for a year now

Dlacy13g2769d ago

I think if Home were integrated into the XMB dash somehow I would be more apt to care about it. As is, its just a button on the XMB I ignore. Hell, Sony would have made money off me if they had just placed your Home avatar on the XMB page so everytime I get on my PS3 I would see it and cosider changing the look, etc...

My avatar sits alone somewhere in the great expanse of Home. I couldn't even tell you what my avatar looks like now cause its been so long.

jack_burt0n2769d ago

agree 100% the next step is simply allowing a snapshot of home avatar as ur xmb pic.

theunleashed642769d ago

despite the hate and trolling from the microsoft fanboys i'm glad playstation home has succeeded.

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The story is too old to be commented.