Killzone 3 in 3D with a sharpshooter

If you want the full experience of Killzone 3 then Sony are recommending you get yourself a 3D TV, Move and the sharpshooter accessory...

But how well does all of that actually work together? reports that it's actually not as bad as first imagined

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TheLastGuardian2767d ago

"it's actually not as bad as first imagined"

Why would you think it would be bad in the first place? I imagine that it's pretty immersive and awesome. I have KZ3, Move and a navigation controller. One day I'll have a 3DTV and a sharpshooter and I'll be able to play this game to the fullest.

GavinMannion2767d ago

The idea of using a plastic gun to play a hardcore FPS jsut doesn't appeal to me, far to gimmicky for my liking

Kyur4ThePain2766d ago

As opposed to a plastic controller?

DMason2766d ago

I thought it would be a fun experience using the sharpshooter, a kickback to the old school days of light gun games. I bought one yesterday and I have to say that it isn't as good as I had hoped.

When the motion controllers are added, the gun is slightly heavy when you keep it held up for anything more than 10 minutes. And as far as the immersion factor goes, it doesn't really do it for me. Everyone says that you have to "get used to it" but I feel that using a controller is much more satisfying.

I was however impressed with the zoomed in view of the rifle's scope. It was amazingly accurate and responsive.

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krisq2766d ago

3D is awesome, Sharpshooter is meh. I played over an hour and my hands were killing me. 'Naked' Move is much better IMO.

Rhezin2766d ago

yup I agree, if you want to look like you're shooting a gun just go to a local range and shoot a freakin gun, don't use a plastic gun con sh!t, and they're only good for 2 things. Duck hunt and arcade games.

Jungle Green Dualshock 3 ftw.

FantasyStar2766d ago

lol, butthurt console gamers having an identity crisis.

You're using a plastic toy-mold to simulate holding a "gun". Get over yourself.

bviperz2766d ago

I've played KZ3 with a sharpshooter. It's takes some getting used to, especially when doing full turns, but that damn thing is accurate as hell.

Seraphemz2766d ago

I played on 3d and it's amazing....i want to get the sharpshooter next!

cooperdnizzle2766d ago

You need to get some new eyes man/ It looks like crap in 3D. And no i am a ps3 fanboy. So i am not saying it just to say it/

Bathyj2766d ago

Well he likes it. Lots of others do too. I dont know, I havent seen it in 3D, but maybe its not his eyes that are the problem.

Never heard of an eye problem that makes things look better but 3D seems to be a thing some people love and others hate. Like everything I suppose.

Smott2766d ago

either u don't hav a 3d tv or its a really cheap 1 if u thk it looks bad n 3d

insomnium22766d ago

KZ3 has the best implementation of 3D I've seen so far. That game single handedly makes me cry I can't afford a 3DTV right now. I don't know what game you've been playing if you're not impressed really.

Seraphemz2765d ago

I play it on a 60inch 3d eyes are fine. 3d is freakin sick!

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Allowen2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


"don't use a plastic gun "

Well, next will be :
"don't use a plastic wheel to play racing games. If you want to feel a race go buy a real car"

Go be jealous some where else since you can't play Halo on the 360 or Crysis 2 on the PC with such super cool "plastic gun "

Sharpshooter is awesome !
I plan to buy one soon enough .

Ohh I forgot to say , on the xbox360 you don't play using a "plastic gun " but you do play with your fingers while saying "bum bum, bum, phew, phew phew ! Go Kinect go !

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